Raid Tournament Leaderboard Shows Rank 1 Before Tournament but with previous Tournament’s Laurels Shown on Leaderboard

Woo hoo! I’m ranked #1 in the world!!!

Look at the ranks & the tournament points for each. The team power for each are nothing special either.

Help me understand this madness!!!

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It shows number 1 until the next Tournament starts. It did that last time too, when everyone had 0 Laurels.

It’s clearly a bug that the mix the current Tournament with last time’s Laurels.

I’ve moved and updated the thread, since this is clearly a bug. I also gave Staff a heads up.

Thanks for reporting it! :slight_smile:


When checking the leaderboard tab just now, my individual score is 0 and shows me ranked 1st, however, the main leaderboard still shows the final scores from the last tournament.

i dont think its a bug. It needs to show the old leaderboard while everyone can still change their teams

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