Raid tournament leaderboard [28th Raid Tournament Week of Oct 28]

Appears the scoring is off again in this tournament

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Is there a current post about it. I looked it up and only saw topics that were allready addressed months ago.

Thought you had posted in general discussion. Nvm

I was hoping someone else had already posted about it.

It was posted about in this week’s Raid Tournament thread. I gave the Small Giant Staff a heads up a few hours ago, so they can address it when they return to the office tomorrow.


Oops I forgot about that thread. TY

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Also I have problem with tournament rank. By points I have to be in top 100 but I’m far from it.

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How is this possible by weak defence teams and low level players? (upload://qPLJrBCb1S4tPOqo4qlwQ05NJgj.jpeg)

You are paired against similarly-powered opponents. If you do well you are high up the leaderboard. That’s the beauty of the tournaments in that it lets players who would normally not have a hope actually do well.

So, not a bug.


I agree but it’s never been like that before … even the 3 star tourneys are being won by “diamond players”

it’s the first day.

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Scores 1000pts above of what you can possibly get are a bug, and it isn’t the first time that happened, there were cases when SG adjusted scores like that.

Thank you for the reports, we’ll investigate this here!


It is a bug. I just had a match with a player that had a a healer, and I know the rules of the tournament is that healing has no effect, but he healed like crazy. I mean all my damage was 0, compared to his almost full healing at every 2 turns. And it wasn’t the only one. I lost 3 times because of this bug and got out of the tournament.

Not nice!

Did you read tournament rules carefully? No reds + all heroes are very fast. Nothing else.


No red heroes but yes plenty of red tiles which is brutal for a very fast tournament. I don’t think very fast tournaments should have missing elements, probably on the minority on that idea but hey worth a mention lol

Don’t think you read the rules properly because it is set to “very fast” and no reds… healing is fineScreenshot_20191030-090003

4391 points before first day is over is a bug for sure.

Healing is working, not supposed to be!

You’re looking at the list of all possible Special Rules. Only one of the three is in effect – this time it is rush attack, where all heroes have Very Fast mana speed.

Healing is supposed to work – this week.