Raid tournament January 27, 2020 canceled - anyone know why?

Anyone know why this week’s raid tournament was canceled?

Sorry if this is a dupe topic start - I searched the forum and couldn’t find anything.


I was honestly hoping there would be at least 1 conspiracy theory about how it is another way for SG to get more money or make our lives generally worse. Can we wait an hour before posting factual responses next time please?


Less battles to fill raid chests forcing more gems to be spent for skips and refills. They’ll do anything to get our gems. Hope this suits the conspiracy requirement.


Thanks. I searched for “raid tournament canceled” (and “cancelled”).

Silly me to not think of “disabled”. Although shouldn’t that be “differently abled”?

Conspiracy theory: SGG wants us to buy more raid energy flasks.


Will there be a tournament again tomorrow?

They shut down tournaments to un-nerf the rewards, so that- lol, I couldn’t type that with a straight face. Never mind, still crap rewards. Thanks again, baby complainers.

In the game, it says the next tournament opens in a bit more than 6 hours. So yes, there will be a tournament this upcoming week.


Actually forgot to look there.
Shame on me. :shushing_face: :blush:


I can’t find a thread for the new tournament?

@Kerpen, here it is :medal_sports: [Feb 2, 2020] 41st Raid Tournament! — TBD

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As the tournaments are back, I’m going to close this thread.

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