Raid Tournament Issue/Bug

Im not sure how to explain what just happened but after it repetedly happening, i feel i have to ask questions about this.

So im in the raid tournament, was in the top 1% until this morning when i dropped to the top 25%, so as usual i went into the battles.

Over the past 3 days i’ve won 13 battles and lost 2. My total team power being between 2883 and 2895 depending on who i use. The heroes ive been using are all maxed, 4 rank 18 in talents and the other two rank 10.

I picked my 5 heroes. The opposite team were all maxed with 20 talents comprising of Jahangir, Bane, Gunnar, Bjorn and Isshtak. And heres where the problem started.

There was some green tiles so i threw them at Gunnar who was in the middle. Just 3 tiles…and he got his special straight away. The next tiles filled everyones special to max and i got decimated, even though it was another 3 tiles, the attack gave everyone on the team their specials. I chalked it down to a bug and took no notice.

Second match it happened again but My Gato also died before anyone got their special from 2 normal attacks from 2 of the others (cant remember who but was either Balthazar, jahangir or Carver. It was definatly 2 attacks) The team against me was Jahangir, Carver, Gunnar, Bane and Balthazar. I just got frustrated and thought this has to be a bug with Gunnar because this is ridiculous.

Next match there was no Gunnar so i thought ok this should sort it. against a Bjorn, Kvasir, Vodnik, Hisan and Rudolph. Same things happened. One attack from tiles gave everyone their specials. Bane hadnt been hit, had full health but everyone was dead and once again, 2 attacks kill him before any of Kvasirs bee Minions had a chance to hit him.

I restarted the game in more frustration, this match i was against a Mnessus, Gato, Kvasir, Bjorn and Namahage. The same thing happened, this time i was in shock so honestly, i didnt pay much attention to who killed who, just 1-3 tiles hitting someone and they have their specials.

I uninstalled the game and redownloaded it, idk why, i was just ****** off by this point and tried again. This time against a Kvasir, Hawkmoon, Chocin, Valen, and Bane. Chochin killed 3 heroes with 1 attack. Valen finished off another and Bane finished off my Balthazar.

Its almost as if the game thinks my teams made up of level 1s. My defense team is doing…poor but no poorer than i expected as i dont have the right defense heroes IMO. But attack, ive won 13 games out of 15, mostly defeating people 200 power higher than me, even beating someone with 3001 power very very easily yesterday and they had a Gunnar. Its not normal, im not seeing things, i just dont understand wtf just happened.

One of your issues that your teams are all emblemed up so while I play without emblems, I get the same matches as you (between 15 and 20 emblems) and get knocked out after 15 but my defense usually sticks it out leaving me with a decent score. What kind of troops are you using? Defense or attack troops appropriately. Something seems wrong… Good luck and always ask questions. :slightly_smiling_face:

My defense was fine, i lost a lot at the start and won a lot at the end for a total B grade which im fine with thats not the issue.

The issue i had was on one day, all the team i was attacking was magically getting their special skills from being hit by 1 tile.

For example, one of the teams i attacked had

Mnessus - Gato - Kvasir - Bjorn - Namahage

The first thing i did was match 3 blue tiles together horizontally on the left of the board. 1 hit Mnessus, 1 hit Gato, 1 hit Kvasir.

All 3 of those got their special from it…just being hit by one tile each. And it happened every single time that day with every hero i attacked but only in the raid tournament. i did a normal raid after and it was fine. I lost that raid but they didnt gain specials after 1 tile hit.

But 2 days ago each match in he raid tournament lasted about 20 seconds each because everytime 1 tile hit them, they got their specials and decimated me. I scored zero points from the 1st 4 and 86 points from the last because i managed to get lucky and kill a bane on the right hand side with 9-10 dark tiles in a row as my 1st move but then the same thing happened with the rest.

The only way i can describe it, was it was like i played the match with level 1s and the opposing team was using the rush attack modifier but turned up 100% cause even on rush attack 1 tile doesnt give them their special.

And this did not happen on friday may i just add. Friday was normal again, i won 3 and lost 2 but all fairly, not because the opponant got specials and 1 shot normal attacks doing 600 damage with no buffs. Just thursday was totally messed up.

What do you mean one of my issues are my teams are emblemed up? How is giving my team emblems a problem?

My troops are a mix on which troop offers more depending on the opponant. But thats irrelivent. My troops shouldnt be giving the opponant their special from 1 tile hit.

Can you record some of your tournament fights in the future and share it with us here? That will really help to see what is happening, and if it is indeed a bug it will also help you to submit some proof when you contact customer support. :slight_smile:

How do i record? im not that tech savvy. I can do in future if it isnt too much trouble.

The fact it only happened on thursday and only during the raid tournament just makes me think this was a one off thing (at least i hope i never have this crap again) but if it does happen after 1 i can record the rest.

I do understand its not easy to help without some sort of proof. I just want it fixed or looked into to make sure it never happens again.

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You have to download a app for this

I use DU Recorder, but there are many others

I see that you are clearly having some kind of complex issues. I finish further up the leaderboard without emblems and generally fight mono or 4, 1. That usually keeps me happily in the top 10% without continuing while emblemed heroes constantly left me in trouble. Maybe I was trying to hard? Hope your issue is sorted now. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve had the enemies getting their special super fast aswell sometimes, especially boldtusk as a tank I would fight them and like 2 to 3 tiles hes special is used and I’m like it’ not a tournament with faster mana its regular raids and boldtusk average speed but getting special like a very fast hero , idk why its happening but boldtusk is the main culprit but theirs others at time that do that as well , idk how and why it happens but someone tell me the reason so my defense can generate mana that fast doe my specials

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