Raid tournament is pathetic

First off, every one of my opponents are higher power by 300+, don’t matter if I’m on offense or defense. My tiles don’t even affect the other team, but only to make them fire their specials 5 TIMES before one of mine goes off. Tile colors are the complete opposite of the color of hero’s I have out, if I’m using red, blue and green, 80% of the tiles will be yellow and purple!
I vote to get rid of the horribly lopsided tournament!


If we’re voting, then I vote to keep the tournaments. I think they’re fun. :slight_smile:

I’m 9-1 so far. I’ve only had one board that didn’t work out in my favor. The rest, I was able to manipulate and make something happen, and although a couple of the wins were close wins, it was pretty satisfying to pull it off. We’ll see how things go for the next couple of days, but so far so good!

My defense started off 6-2 on Day 1, so I got Grade A points for that. But now it is up 15-11 total, so it has dropped to Grade B, unless someone else loses still before it resets overnight for Day 3.

Over the 10 attacks, my opponent defense team power has average almost exactly 3700; and the team I’m typically bringing to attack is 3609 (Colen, Grimm, Boldtusk, Hansel, Wilbur).

Good luck to everyone who is still in it!


This one has been particularly annoying with no rigard and a lot of status ailment inflicting heroes on defense teams, especially those who go from slow mana->very fast. So a poor board in general against a well configured defense team can be an instant death sentence. Not all tourney configurations are like this, though, so hang with it.


I agree that the tournaments are frustrating, but I vote to keep them.

They seem geared to knock you out by the end of day 3. Like you, the teams strength I must fight escalated quickly. This has forced me to learn new strategies - I am getting better, not as good as I would like!


Tournaments make players level up heroes they otherwise wouldn’t be using. It makes for some interesting results and matchups.

Keep the tournaments, fix the issues with them. I think most of them have been resolved though, the only thing I wish they brought back was the original loot.

Rush Attack rule is unforgiving, this rule forces you to either take the tank out or suffer the consequences due to all skills charging at very fast rate. That’s just how it is. This is the event where you’ll notice bad luck the most.


The pathetic part is that they are designed to try and make people spend gems to be in 1% for a probably pretty bad reward anyway. Sometimes the emblems are decent though.


I do agree that the continue fee isn’t really worth the rewards. 30 emblems is nice but not worth the 75 gems and it’s still just a chance at 30 emblems, not a guarantee. Same with the other stuff you get, all chances at better rewards, not guarantees (I’ve yet to see a single reset emblem from my past 3* tournaments where I placed in top 1%).

Your gems are better saved for deals or future summons

I’m glad it isn’t just me! I was beginning to feel like a giant loser. I’ve only finished a couple of tournaments in the four-day format, and never finished a five-day one!

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The emblem shop offers have 10 emblems for 175 gems. Tournament top 1% have at least 10 and top 5% have at least 5, that is for 75 gems (assuming you’ll get there after continuing). It’s still too much for f2p I assume, but getting 210 gems/weekly out of VIP alone, I’d call it quite good price even if the rest of the loot is far from what they promised.

I am not a big fan of these torunaments also - they are often too imbalanced because of the rules, the rules themselves are quite repetitive (which is surprising because you could think of more rules very easily) and what they did with the prizes not keeping to their word is one of the dickest move I experienced from a video game company, and I play a lot. But I like they help filling the hero chest, force to play heroes that otherwise sit on my bench and add to daily activity and weekly loot opening thrill. It’s alright I guess.


Since elements, star and rules change every tournament, most of the time you are gonna face higher defences (as you may have emblemed only a small part of your deck) without the most effective (and used) strategy for raids: color stacking against tank.

So yes, tournament is much more difficult then normal raiding, so it is normal that your winning rate is much lower.

I consider myself a good raider, but i’m honestly not really sure to approach the fight with the best avalaible team in my deck.
I’m still unsure to use a 3+2 strategy even not having the strong color, simply go monocolor or take maximum advantage on the rule and bring with me many slow heroes.
Really, i don’t know it and i guess if i ever figure it out, it will only be by chance and many retries.

So don’t worry, don’t be angry and do your best to improve.
Many of us struggle in the tournament, so you are not alone in this.

But those fights at least can be seen as extra blue flags and free practice if nothing else, so don’t be too much concerned about how high you place in that chart.

The very next week all that gonna already be forgotten, and you have another chance to prove yourself you can do it :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m in the Top 1% still, and haven’t spent any gems yet
I’m 13-2 as of now. If I lose a couple tomorrow, I will probably spend gems to continue, not because I think it’ll keep me in the high loot tier, but because I think it is fun to have these fights that have special conditions on them (different from normal raids)… and because I like the extra points toward filling my hero chest.

I am not saying it’s not fun or whatever.

The fact is that it is designed to make people pay, and yet another pay to win situation.

Every time you win, you get harder opponents, so they are trying to make you lose unless you are super lucky with boards or have an immense roster (+ the luck), which is not something a high % of E&P population can say (and yeah, you can argue that it’s more challenging this way too). Increasing the tournaments to 5 days was yet another step in the direction of making people pay if they want 1% loot.

You will probably also have a couple bad boards that won’t help.

I am just like you at the moment, 2 loses. But I won’t pay to continue because I don’t want to suport this system and it’s rewards. Obviously, your choice of spending is totally respectable, as is mine.

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I don’t buy what the OP is selling.

Raid tourneys offer a new facet to this game. It added a new source to fill the Wanted Heroes Chest, eliminating or reducing wait time or raid flask usage or raid energy refills. It allows you to use long-forgotten heroes by reason of the elemental and hero-tier limitations (3, 4 or 5 star heroes). It makes you level and/or ascend not-too-ideal heroes just for you to be a little bit more competitive. Its unique rules changing every week is an additional flavor to the humdrum of regular raiding. In short, it is fun.

If you don’t like the raid tourney, then just don’t join. As simple as that. If you like it but not competitive enough, level your 3, 4 and 5 star heroes and 2, 3 and 4 star troops. Emblem some of them if you want. Soon, you may like it. It is an acquired taste. Unfortunately, all we do is yap all day about nothing. Try doing constructive criticism and offer alternatives and suggestions to the devs. It is far better that way.

No. I don’t buy what the OP is vending.


So we can say it again that the raid tournament (like challenge events and others…) are just for old players with level above 40-45 with a bunch of fully maxed heroes… my question is: they need those rewards, if they are so high in the game?!?.. so, the rewards aren’t for those who needs it…

I don’t agree. Tournaments are tournaments. When the modifiers include only 3 star heroes, I pretty much don’t excel there since low-level players tend to emblem their 3 star heroes by reason that they lack or have few 4 or 5 star heroes and that placing emblems on 3 star heroes is way cheaper then placing emblems on 5 star ones. I can’t waste placing emblems on 3 star heroes since they are much needed on my 5 star heroes. On challenge events, I tend to finish it just to get the goodies.

Obviously, they need it for them to stack their stocks and other inventories for future use but not for immediate requirement for ascending their heroes. It is far better to have an over-abundance of something than to be undersupplied, otherwise they will be the ones yapping at your side. But the underlying reason really is greed. I always see on the top ranking those familiar names dominating the challenge and special events on a regular basis. I hope there is a way where the previous top 1 player in all rare, epic and legendary tiers are exempted from getting to top 1, but they must be compensated in some other way if they chose only to finish the events. This would give opportunity for others to claim all the best goodies.


Everyone needs something in this game!
3* tournament favour high lvl players? How?

Exactly that’s why I don’t participate anymore. The tournament was suppose to help get mats. But they reduced the loot tier to trash, didn’t change it back like they said they would and the balance is still horribly off. Pure :poop:

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You wanna see??? Just look on Leaderboard in this tournament!! See what level have players from the top??? And that happens always including other events…

We’re treading ground that’s been pretty thoroughly covered earlier:

One rule change that I would support is to bracket the tournament by player level, say 1-20, 21-40, and 41+. Level is a kinda okay proxy for overall bench depth, including a variety of 3* and 4* heroes. Having a good mix to choose from really helps in wars.

Bracketing players by level would then give newer players a reasonable shot at some decent loot, competing against other, similarly situated players.


Here some tip for flurry rush 4*:

  • slow heroes shine. Same for Medium

  • Wilbur is kinda a must have

  • same for Proteus, Gretel, Hansel, Merlin

  • triple your color. And yeah bad boards sucks but sometime it leads to a recovery. Hapenned to me multiple times. The worst thing that could happen is theses freaking unwanted combos that ruins everything and only one choice match.

  • healers important

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