Raid tournament - heroes don't get "super fast" (Very Fast) mana

I already lost 2 battles because of this problem!!! Caedmoon normally need 7 tiles .When i play the new tournament he needs between 6 - 12(is different every time).Usually when i send tiles in a free of heroes space , the mana charges faster , but now don’t.BUT!!! - The main problem is that sometimes (like my last battle) i sent 5 tiles and gain NO MANA!!! Fix the problem and i want to give me 2 additional energies for the tournament!

I had a simmular idea but just played 1 opponent thus far.
Guardian Jackal took (when I remember correct) 9 tiles and this a lot more than normal…
Normally 7 he and Joon (with mana troops) can eliminate a target together.
Felt like fast mana in opponents team went perfectly… Had already 3 dead hero’s before I could charge 1 myself. Will try again another attack later and see if I can confirm what is now gut feeling.

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Caedmon normally needs 8 tiles, which is the number at Fast Mana, not 7. He can be brought down to 7 by using a bunch of mana speed enhancements, but it’s quite hard. You need at least +14.3% mana gain per turn.

6.5 tiles is Very Fast mana. In order to get Caedmon down to 6 tiles, you’d need a Level 12 mana troop, or some equivalent speed-up.

So the standard fill rate would be 4 ghost tiles or 7 normal tiles.

But, of course, various effects will slow him down. Slash attacks from Sorcerers, for instance (like Ursena, Quintus, and Sabina), can slow mana gain by 50% for two turns. At that level, he would need 13 normal tiles and 7 ghost tiles to fill.

Guin, Mitsuko, Azar and Gan Ju will cut his existing mana when they fire, causing him to need more tiles. And specials like Little John’s will slow down his mana gain too.

Bottom line, without a lot more information about the fights you’re in, it’s hard to say whether Caedmon’s mana gain rate was normal or not.


It is not only Caedmoon.I know that there are heroes which can slow mana generation…The case is not like that.It is about a problem with the game.From the first round i combined 5 dark tiles and kunchen get NO mana, but rigard charged around 40% of his mana???

I wondered the same I put a slow mana Kunchin as tank with full Azlar and full Little John on flanks with Gravy and Kage on the wings and got smoked by teams that should be no where close if the slows fired very fast

You can certainly open a support ticket with SG if you think there’s an error with how mana generation is working. Here’s how to do that:

You’ll want to give them as much information as possible about when the problem occurred so they go back into your game history and recreate it.

Are you able to get any video of the odd behavior and upload it to somewhere like YouTube? I’d be curious to take a look at it myself.


For this current tournament settings any heroes of all colours will charge with just 7 tiles, or 4 ghost tiles. But a Level 11 mana troop of any colour will bring those numbers down to 6 tiles, or 3 ghost tiles, Unless ofcourse not affected by mana buffs or debuffs as @Garanwyn pointed out. So if you are experiencing something which does not adhere to this then that is really strange, and a video of your battle would be ideal in order to see the problem. I didn’t face this phenomenon during my tournament battles. :slight_smile:


Ok so the very fast only applies to defense? Every raid it took minimum of 11 tiles to charge a hero. Second to last raid I was fighting red and purple stacked, sent 10 red tiles and 10 purple tiles up, heroes didn’t charge and I didn’t get another red or purple tile until the next fight when I was fighting green and yellow. That one I sent 10 yellow and 10 green and again no hero charged and not another yellow or green tile, lots of red and purple the whole fight…imagine that…needless to say I lost both fights because 10 tiles is not enough to charge a hero under their very fast guideline unless it defense then 2-3 tiles are charging every hero.

Mine are all charging very fast. Elena is about 9 or 10 tiles to full charge, or 3 ghosted to charge.


Possible merger?


How is it that Vivica can be a tank on a team you are fighting and I have 2 purple heroes with 4 star Troops do little to no damage on her? Did I miss that teams have added strength or protection? Does this Raid Tournament of having Very Fast power up only for the team you are attacking? I have not noticed that my team is powering up any faster that what they usually are. Also can you only fight the teams you are paired against? Is there a way to choose some other team? Not a big fan of this Raid Tournament.

No. Like in most sporting tournaments, you can’t just ask to fight someone else.

Your heroes will be charging at ‘very fast’, I’m sure. It just feels slow when everyone else is accelerated!

Please post screenshots so we can see what numbers are being produced and offer an explanation :slightly_smiling_face:

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Brought that one in too, thanks! :heart_decoration:


My heroes in this tournament are definitely not charging any differently than normal. Nothing Very Fast. Several Alliance members are reporting the same issue. We have been smoked in the tournament as a result.

Anyone here fighting Onatel and usually avoid her? If she fires twice but at different targets it’s perfectly possible that 1-2 heroes will have 100% mana stolen for a single turn and the ones at the other side will have 50% of their mana gain stolen.

What I see in this tournament, the fast mana generation its only for for defense and not for attacking team all.All my heroes charging like normal but the opponent heroes it’s faster and this its not fear

I can definitely attest to the fact heroes are charging up faster. LJ and Hu on alt account were charging up very easily. Proteus was charging as expected with 3 matches. If you are running fast heroes normally needing 8 tiles to charge up, you will still need 3 matches to get the 6.5 needed for very fast ( or a 3 and 4 match) unless you have a mana boost.


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