🃏 Raid tournament flasks. Real? [Prank]


Seein pics of raid tournament flasks in line. I’m 100% positive they’re not real lol. But seems some are convinced they’re not photoshopped.


Do they exist?

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Hopefully those just will help to continue after losing 4 times.

Would be very bad, if they will increase the amount of attacks. Also can’t imagine that this will be the case.

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I’m pretty positive they’re photoshopped but would prefer to squash em with official info rather than my “skeptical opinion”


A person in my alliance says she got one and posted a pic. And she’s not likely to lie or even know about forums or rumours.



20 characters…


Like 30 mins ago or so


Can you share the pic?

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Love this idea, if it doesnt exist it should. The flask should remove 1, maybe 2 strikes (but doesnt give an extra attack)


I know the person who photoshopped that, she’d be honored to know her work is THAT good!


@Rigs, was it a yellow flask?


Lol yup same one that showed up on april 1st in the forum, surprised me that people are convinced it’s real but apparently someone really did recieve one according to @Halifax

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They would have definitely announced that. That person either is playing a prank, or confuses them with the regular raid flasks.


It would be helpful if you or she could post a screenshot of her Activity Log from Options > Support > Recent Activity, showing the flask, or if you could share the picture that she posted.

I presume it’s a normal blue Raid Flask, but that would help confirm.


Agreed w zephyr1 , show the goods… I just wanna c if it’s true as I did horrible today and may be out tomorrow … :upside_down_face:

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I saw one in a 1st April’s topic:

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My guess is it’s the April Fools image. The third star looks a weeee bit off as if photoshopped

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Be patient. Expect they’ll show up in the game eventually. It’s not like they’ll sell them in the store for 75 gems, but they could be loot and inside of package offers.


The yellow flask is an april fools joke.

The joke originated with me. A week before april fools I intruced the idea stating on various media that SG would introduce tournament flasks “next week” (coincidentally that was april 1st :innocent:).

After seeing a few people bite the bate we turned it up a knotch. Kira, a member in our community did an exceptional job editing pictures from a rare titan (which are also posted in the april fools thread).

Since than the pictures pop up regularly.

I do think having a yellow flask wouldn’t hurt if it does the same as paying the 75 gems to continue.

If sg introduce new things to the game you will surely see it introduced in a changelog.


Around april 1st it was fun. But seeing the joke continues even a month later, it’s time to kill it.

I do think it resulted in some very interesting discussions that might actually help development choices.

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It is, though it had appeared that it was immediately clear it was a joke at the time.

It was exactly 4 minutes before this was posted in response:

And each reply thereafter reaffirmed that it was fake.

That thread also never really got much viewership traction. This current thread is creeping up to almost as many views as the original one.

Unfortunately, it sounds like it took on a life of its on off the Forum, where the April 1st context was obviously lost.

There were a few April Fool’s Day joke threads, perhaps there’s a better way to deal with those next year?

It seems like it’d be nice for people to be able to make jokes next year, but only if they’re not mistaken for real information.