Raid Tournament - Experiment- Please Leave

Any hero that is not Dark can be attacked by 3-2 or mono heroes that are strong against Nature, Fire, or Ice. People often don’t use a Dark hero when the tourney is no Holy - don’t ask me why, but it definitely helps the odds.

Here’s one I went up against this week.

Over the long haul (many tournaments) itll even out.
I usually have C-A grade but there’s been times I thought I put up gangbuster defenses and gotten destroyed.
Enjoy the run!
And that is a good defense!
Also this isnmy defense:

And the results thus far:

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Muggy and powerful don’t belong in the same post, sorry. Hit’s like a demon but gets wiped by two standard AI hits.

Thanks- really nice post- appreciate it. But not to forget, when others are raiding- I’m completely at mercy of RNG, AI and board layout. I can’t directly influence this. I suspect however I can indirectly affect the extent of RNG and boards- assuming the ‘ladder’ system is part of the raiding class- RT, AW would be instances of this class.

It’s interesting you have 2/3 wins- completely normal imo. However the difference is that I deliberately lost my flags:

So, what I suspect therefore that in an attempt to ‘balance’ the outcome- the RNG and boards are engineered to be as favourable as possible- proof therefore that board layout is an implementation within the game- otherwise I would observe more losses. Assuming the opponents are equal in power and in an unbiased combat the outcome is 50:50 then 10 straight wins is a 1 in 1024 chance event- quite unnatural.

But look at OG Pusha - dark tank and 2/3 wins- a completely normal state IMO.

Has anyone else got a winning streak currently? So to compare?

Here you go

So - because you have had a poor offence, E&P grants good tiles to the people who are attacking your defense? What about if those people are doing very well offensively, does E&P then grants poor tiles? Do they average out? In which case you no longer have the guaranteed defense wins you suspect? Or does offensive performance not factor in to how tiles are “granted”?

I think the most likely outcome based on my own observations is exactly as has been mentioned in this post, that your offensive performance factors in to the matchmaking algorithm. So if you do very well offensively your defense will come up against higher strength teams so statistically your defense has a higher chance of sinking. Conversely, if you do poorly you will be matched against lower strength teams so statistically speaking your defense has a higher chance of doing better. However, I don’t feel that this comes into play until after the first day has concluded.

Also, do you think this factors into standard raids? I have won about 20 raids in a row but I am still seeing an even distirbution of tiles for my 3/2 team

Exactly- and in your case- after 4 defense wins you lost- again, absolutely normal.

My raid streak is 117…

Again, I’m playing the RNG, AI and boards to my favour

I am not sure what point you are making with your last post.

You seemed to be indicating that boards will be rigged depending on your performance, either up or down, in order to introduce “balance”. I have won 20 of my last raids in a row, and I am still seeing the exact same distribution of tiles as I always do. How do you explain that?

How about this

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Please explain…

PS the order is from bottom to top

Exactly- this is my point. What I want to show in this thread is, despite being a closed system that I cannot directly control, I’m able however to influence the outcome. I focus on raid tournament defenses in this case.

I don’t know how to explain that. For sure, I believe you but how do you quantify “same distribution of tiles”?

In this experiment I quantify board distribution by winning defenses. Since this is a closed system of RNG methods then the winning streak is evidence of RNG manipulation

Fantastic- can we track this also please? My expectations is that you will start losing both offense and defense battles- great defense by the way- please keep us posted:)

PS no disrespect re future losses- I was referring to the ladder system- please prove me wrong:)

Prior to my win streak, I was getting an average of 6-8 starting tiles of my colours. During and towards the end of my streak, I was getting an average of 6-8 starting tiles of my colours. Sometimes spreads out, sometimes concentrated. An occasional super board and an occassional horror board. I.e. no different in the quality of the boards whatsoever

It really isn’t… lots of more realistic options have already been presented, and no real evidence of your theory. And as per my previous post, your theory falls down when you try to factor in the peformance of the people who are raiding you

Of course he will. That odds of winning every single offence and defence are astronomically small

Well, just to repeat- previously my defense was 7/7 wins- this defense is 3/3 currently- the opponents are evenly matched- so, how else to explain why they all keep loosing- if not for distortions of RNG?


So why am I able to repeatedly engineer such rare events? 10/10 straight- quite rare imo

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