Raid Tournament Eating My Troop

In the current 3* raid tournament, I installed Shrubbear in middle position with a level 4 2* troop (Rebel Archers). After the tournament started, seeing some lackluster results from my defense team, I noticed that not only had my Rebel Archers vanished, but they were replaced by a 1* Common Villager with no attack or defense bonuses of any kind. I figured I’d forgotten to slot properly and went about the tournament since my team was locked.

Went I was attacking with green heroes, I went to add my level 4 Rebel Archers and found they were gone from my roster. Had I somehow deleted them? While annoying, I had enough 1* feeders to quickly remake a level 4 Archer troop. I used my flags and went on about my day.

Now, a day later, I’m back attacking in the tournament, making a green stack, and my level 4 Archers are gone AGAIN. They certainly weren’t deleted by me. There’s something going on with my tournament defense team. I have screenshots, but I don’t know what to do at this point.

Hi @Meridian

Have you leveled any troops in the past few days?

Have you submitted a support ticket in-game with the technical support teams to investigate for you?

Yes, as stated I leveled another Archer up to 4 (where I like my 2* defensive troops). It disappeared. I’ve leveled others with no issue. And I’ve now issued a support ticket…

I think you misunderstand me however seeing as how you have already logged a support ticket, i am pretty sure they will be able to clear it up for you.

Since you have screen shots, I guess you have done the appropriate thing by logging a report with support.
Never seen anything like that,I just double checked on my defense team, and they were intact
But just a question, do you confirm all your troops for the tournament were all locked?especially those of rarity 2*,?

I got a form response that “there are currently no known issues or bugs in the game related to this problem.” How would I be able to reproduce a troop with no abilities even if I wanted to?

It’s the default when there is no available troop.

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