Raid Tournament: does healing work in Rush Attack? [Answer: yes]

So the healers wont have effect on the attack only or also in the defense team they will be usless.Wats the best defense team to set up only whith attacers or healers help on defense team’?

The special rules vary. This week it is all heroes count as very fast mana. The healing one simply means if you choose to take a healer, then the healing part of their special has no effect. That’s it.

For healers that applies un the defense team also

Correct. I probably won’t be packing any healers, even BT, for those ones

Then I better remove them I packed 2 thanks for the info

To be clear: healers work THIS WEEK. So leave them in.

When the bloody battle rule applies healing doesn’t work, so don’t take them. That will be clearly identified when you read the weekly rules but doesn’t apply this week

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I just changed the title :wink:
Tell me if it’s good @Hekri0328

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I tweaked it again to be abundantly clear. :slight_smile:

This question was answered in the main thread too, along with lots of other info:


Thanks its good!!!

You can use healers, better don’t use Jackal.

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