Raid tournament disparity

Why do my heroes/ tiles seem to do so little damage when my my opponents attacks are devastating?

I’m not sure but I would check the troops level. If yours are not level and your opponnent’s are high level this might be the answer.

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I assume you are asking relative to the current tournament – 3* Bloody Battle without green heroes. If so, then it may be as simple as the fact that your opponent necessarily has stacked at least one element (since green heroes are not allowed, another color has to be doubled up). As such, that element’s attack is increased.

Try to take note next time as to whether the damage disparity is all heroes, or only those of a particular color.

One of the interesting aspects of these challenges is that the defense “shows its cards” so that you can select your heroes to your advantage. Are you tailoring your attack based on the opponent’s defense? That is, are you stacking a color against the opponent’s tank, for instance?

The answer also could be the heroes themselves. Heroes differ both in their tile (regular) attack as well as the strength of their specials.

Another reason may be the troops of your opponent. Troops augment the hero so that the attack, defense, etc. are increased. If your opponent’s troops are leveled up higher than yours, that might explain it. Or, if your troops emphasize defense or heart while your opponents’ enhance attack, that may explain what you observe. Troops have a big impact that is under appreciated by some players.

In Buff Booster attacks, the disparity could be the result of your opponent having more active buffs. In these tournaments, a hero with “less punch” but a buff may be better than a straight hitter. For example, Isshtak’s tile damage is similar to Brienne’s, but in the Buff Booster tourney, the latter’s will be better after she fires her special because she has a buff (and Isshtak does not).

In any case, I have had that feeling too, though less so lately now that I have studied up on raiding strategy.


Can you post your attack team and opponent’s you fought?

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emblems, emblems everywhere. unless you stack, even strong color does negligible damage.

For tournaments you need at the bare minimum max level/ascended heroes, preferably the better ones. Leveling troops, costumes, and embleming your heroes is what separates the top teams from everyone else. Post some of your teams and the opponents you faced and we can give you specific advice.

Cause the defensive team always gets 20% bonus on attack and defense values. And yes also troops are important.

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