Raid tournament disaster -- WTH

I don’t find the matchmaking too hard, I find it a challenge. I have no emblemed 3* but have faced quite a few. Emblemed Valen is a pain. I had one revive 4 times in a row before he finally stopped. Fortunately you can re-kill him with an off-colour gem. So far I’m 9 and 1,

What is off-kilter is my defense has only been attacked 3 times in 2 days, it seems whenever I lose on defense I’m not attacked again that day. I would expect on average to be attacked 5 times per day plus or minus 1 or 2, not 5 minus 3 or 4.

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This is another part of my problem – I stopped acquiring and leveling 3’s once I maxed one rainbow team. No thought went into its makeup other than one of each color. I need to take a good look at abilities now. The only 3* healer I have is Belith, and she’s just not very good on a raid team. I need de-ailmenter and a faster healer. Would be great if I can find both in one 3* hero.

The distribution of classes at the 3* level is not necessarily conducive to getting the most out of those talents.

Tyrum as a Paladin is an excellent fit. Berden and Squire Wabbit as a Ranger are great, but there just aren’t that many defensive buffs at the 3* level, so it’s kind of irrelevant. I’m hard-pressed to pick a fighter where the talent excites me like it does with BT or Delilah. Rogue, which has a very strong talent, has Vlad as it’s best option. That’s…not good.


Thats my point. The point of these 3* tournaments in my mind was to give others then those who are always at the top a chance because higher level players would be less prepared. SO I would hope that some lower level players do very well, but if they do then they get reduced loot. The next time around higher level players then have had more time to prepare and the same old folks get all the rewards sooner rather then later.

OK, then. I get - and agree with - that point. The timing of the reduced loot was bad; no question.

Still, I think there is an increased chance that newer players will do better in 3-star tournaments than more established players because of emblems. The more seasoned players will be using their emblems on their big guns, but the newbies will still have them on their three-stars because they have no better options.

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OK, but it matched my experiences so far in Diamond. I wasn’t sure if it is that they are so undeveloped there (though I have run into some that are at 8 now) or if they are just generically poor. So far I have to stick with most of them are poor.

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Unfortunately 3*s are really lacking in this section. It’s a problem for sure, you’ll have to make do with 2 heroes.

The fastest, and only healers in this rarity, are Belith and Hawkmoon. Frair Tuck only heals himself and three allies, so unless you want to go in with 2 healers in your offensive team he’s out. All of them are average speed.

Cleansers, the only one is Gill-Ra from Atlantis. She’s not really hard to pull at least. But she’s slow.

So basically: Hawkmoon and Belith for healers. Gill-Ra for a cleanser. Yeah… not a lot of variety eh? That’s just how rare tier is. Challenging to build a team but limited (used to be worse before Atlantis). I do often wish there was a 3* version of Rigard…

sure, just joking around! :upside_down_face:

Haha. I thought so, although if reset tokens weren’t so rare, it would have been a fair point. Before pulling Sonya, I wouldn’t have hesitated to use my paladin emblems on Tyrum.

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I’ve created a thread for us to continue this one. I’m really interested in hearing more of your experiences and thoughts on some of the specific talents, and talking through the strengths and weaknesses :slightly_smiling_face:

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There are two spirit link heroes, which helps in the healer department a bit. I have noticed a lot of the Spirit link + Brienne defense teams out there, with people hoping to get lucky and get that strong combo going on defense. After fighting them I can tell that you have to place them carefully on defense for this to work in your favor.

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There has been a need for three star teams in the Challenge Events for nearly a year.
Personally l think the 3* raids are the most enjoyable. Frankly l would love to see 1* & 2* Raid Tournaments.
The only thing broken is the scoring & defense calculations and SG is already working on this.


Well i still agree with that. but the biggest advantage was in the first and second 3* tournament and the first one has reduced loot … and that is a shame

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I had Mnesseus emblemed and had to reset it for Hansel, will be careful with my 2 remaining reset emblems. Have Red Hodd at 4-79, time for her to leave childhood and become a woman (210 ranger emblems stored) :grinning:

please provide evidence of that. I agree these things are broken as well as match making

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That day is coming for me, too, eventually. I have 99 wizard emblems stored so far, and all my wizards are almost useless… except Onatel. Still waiting on darts, but sometime in approximately August, she’s gonna make a BIG jump! :smile:

quote=“Sara, post:345, topic:99960”]

Go here to read the evidence of my statement.
Hope this helps

I actually have a Gill-Ra (ugly-*** old ratbag!) and Hawkmoon – both completely unleveled. I guess I’ll just waste some feeders on maxing the skills of those that aren’t yet maxed and start embleming them. Seems like a waste of resources for just one battle scenario, though, as my regular raid and Titan heroes will be pretty much left idle, especially seeing how long and random it takes to increase the special abilities. I don’t know, gotta pick my battles here – can’t focus on everything at once.

I would certainly think about embleming any 3*s… me I like to chase Rare Tier for event quests (and I guess raid tourneys now), so only the good 3 stars for those get them.

Special abilities aren’t actually too bad… not since they updated the game anyways. As of version 15 (I think?) if a hero is maxed but their ability isn’t, you can feed them a hero of the same color to quintuple (x5) their special skill chance of leveling up.

It is purely for fun. You have to do it knowing that your progress with 4 and 5 stars will suffer.

If that isn’t you, then it isn’t worth it. Better to focus on your 4 and 5 stars.


I am not very fond of the Brienne + Spirit Link combo tbh. Even under normal non-raid tournament circumstances, it requires an average and slow skill to fire at the same time for the combo to work best, for both offense and defense.

Great payoff if it works, but not really as reliable as having faster hitters.