Raid Tournament - Delayed mana generation for Ninjas? Ametrine very slow

Has anyone noticed when attacking in the raid tournament the mana generation is very slow rather than very fast.

I’ve been using Ametrine and the mana generation is unusually slow. I have her at +20. Sapphire is also +20 and seems to be less affected. I’m using good troops.

The only thing that crosses my mind is that Ninjas have slower mana generation in rush attack than normaly, but it is expected. Normaly, they need 5 tiles for 1 charge, 10 for 2 charges etc. In 4* rush attack, they need 7 for 1 charge, 13 for 2 charges… But it is set this way.

That actually is a normal behavior for ninjas in very fast / rush tournaments or wars.


Thanks I understand now

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Feel free to continue this discussion on this thread:

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