Raid Tournament Defense Points Error

My defense points were calculated incorrectly on the last day of this week’s tournament which cost me a Top 10 finish. I am very passionate about my data and recording my placements in all events so this does matter to me.

I am not concerned about getting more prizes as it is top 1% either way. My concern is that (1) there was an error in the system and (2) my final placement is more valuable to me than the prizes.

As the system only shows the last 30 attacks, I log my wins and losses every day of the tournament.

This week I had 62 Wins and 28 Losses which is 68.88% for A defense. The final defense points screen is indicating 59%. I would have had to lose another 14 games, without any wins, to drop that far down to get to 59%.

My last defense on Thursday as against “mr. KWZ” that brought me to 53 wins and 17 losses for 75.71% defense. On Friday, I had 9 wins and 11 losses which brought the total to 62 W and 28 L.

I have video of the results from the Friday defenses that shows the 9W and 11 Ls.

Not sure what, if anything can be done, but I am confident these results are erroneous.

Um… I’d suggest you submit a support ticket to SG. Users of the forum are players of E&P just like you :thinking:.

Certainly Top 10 for the world’s smallest violin.

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Not entirely sure how this links in to your data but it could be due to not every attack on your defence is counted towards your overall grade. From their “Raid Tournament Change Log:”

21 May, 2019

Improvements and changes:

  • Further improvements to the distribution of attacks, especially for the top players.

    • Keep in mind that if you’re in the top, your defense team will receive more attacks. This is due to the fact that there is a small number of top defense teams that are good matches for a large number of top attackers. We try to prioritize choosing a good opponent over choosing a too easy or too difficult opponent that hasn’t been attacked as much. We have also implemented a limit on how attacks count towards your Defense Grade. After the first five attacks of the day, only one attack per hour counts towards the grade.


Additional Clarification from Staff:

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But in the quote you provided it is explicitly said that “The attack counts if it is in the Log.”
Therefore from the point of view of the player what they see in log is exactly what happened, so they should be able to match logs to defense rating in an exact manner.

I appreciate this information Guvnor as I did miss that update. I would be curious on your thoughts about @sabrar’s comment below. The text does say if it is in the log, it counts. I have the last days log and it does show one attack per hour being entered after the initial hits.

Still seems incorrect to me. I appreciate this information—as always.

Thank you. I am aware of the support link. I was under the impression that this section of the forum could be a place to report bugs as well.

Honestly not sure. @zephyr1 is better qualified / knowledged on the subject than me.

I would say that it may be worth just going straight to Support. Be persistent and link them the video (upload to YouTube and make it link view only). #contact-support for specific instructions. Or @MuadDib’s graphic:

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