Raid Tournament/Challenge Event Leaderboards in Alliance chat

It would be cool if the collective results of alliance members in tourneys was amalgamated into a leaderboard like with titans and posted in the alliance. Could provide some more inter alliance competitiveness.

I’d suggest an ‘opt in’ or ‘share my results’ button.

Not everyone likes raiding and won’t enjoy their low score being paraded


No problem imo.

There are also members with titan results being lower than a single flag of others, which are also paraded each time and war results, too.

I would also appreciate a notice for entering one of the leaderboards.

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Yes, but that’s well established and an already accepted part of being in alliance

This would be a change and therefore pandemonium would ensue


Allowing people to maintain the status quo would limit the kick back

(As an aside, I’ve never noticed how Earnie Hudson isn’t even pretending to act behind Bill Murray in this clip… He’s just enjoying the ride!)


Maybe an opt in for the alliance to have it or not so it can be agreed, sharing results would not achieve the desired effect as you can do that now.

If people dont like it being shared, go to an alliance that doesnt.

They already have no choice over titan results being shared.

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I covered why this isn’t quite a parallel.

If you remember the clamour for war opt out, I think this would elicit the same response and earnest requests for a similar individual opt out.


Some cool new feautures for alliances would be nice.

  • online indicator
  • some whitlisted hyperlinks
  • roster team viewer
  • notice for being xx days off
  • raid training (many votes)
  • advanced text editor
  • war strategy adjustments
  • war manager(s) promotion
  • customizable alliance page
  • alliance friendships
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Hmmm how can I merge this list to every appropriate thread

tenor (1)


That would also be fine, but I guess just a more complex change than just a full list which is already effectively there. Im suggesting a less complex addition, which may be easier to impliment.

Would be just so awesome to improve the community experience of alliances by a couple of new features.

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I’m suggesting an addition which would cause less forum rage and more work for the mod squad :rofl:

So I should declare a conflict of interest :yum:


I would imagine any1 too scared to show results is not competitive and therefore more likely to be FTP.

As making money at the expense of FTP is the games main focus, I would imagine my suggestion is more likely to be implemented :rofl::rofl:


It seems to me like it’s the 5th or more take for the scene and he’s nodding along to the syncopation of the lines of dialogue, saying them to himself in his head…

I agree an “opt in” button would be needed to avoid people freaking out

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Also, if you ever watch old episodes of Mork and Mindy, and pay attention to the supporting cast whenever Williams would go off script into a long monologue of insanity, they all kinda just freeze on their marks and try not to laugh… Pam Dawber, who played Mindy, had a hard time with this insofar as you can see her openly laughing in many scenes, but Williams would never do the scene the same way twice and often a particular take was just too good so the editors left in the other actors breaking down because, well, comedy gold.

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Very good idea about the leaderboards. I feel like a lot of people is heavily invested in this game because of the community and the alliance bond created.
That being said I would welcome this information/extra competitiveness created by sharing scores. At least in my alliance, it would certainly bring positive discussion and encouragement between members!

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