Raid Tournament Bug – Joined and Set Defense, Got a Server Error, Now Can't Enter Raid Tournament

I signed up for the tournament and set a defense team. Shortly thereafter I got kicked out on a server error. Logged back in and can’t enter raid tournament again without another error. I’ve tried restarting the game and my phone to no effect. Anyone know a fix or what else to try?

I suggest contacting customer support directly in the game. Under support :trophy:


Thanks! I just did that, although I don’t think I’ll be able to read the response as it won’t let me set a password after checking the email verification link.

They will email you a response to the email address you provided. And you can reply to that email. There’s no need to log back in to handle the support request.

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same thing. sent a ticket with video of it happening

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Same here. I can’t get into raid tournament.

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The image you posted suggests you can’t connect period. Is that the problem, or are you just unable to access the raid tournament?

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I attached a video to my support ticket, slowed down you can see it says I already joined before the next server error message flashes. Woke up today and I’m not in the raid tournament. Feels bad.

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