Raid tornament reminder missing (crossed swords indicator on Raids icon isn’t showing)

The tournament has started, but the little crossed swords on the raid tab have not appeared. This means I will have to remember to go in and check when I have tourney attacks available… Take pity on poor memories :kissing_closed_eyes:


I got a reply back from Staff about this, if you force quit and reopen the game it should show.

That worked for me too — I wasn’t seeing the crosses swords on the Raids icon, but it shows now that I force quit and reopened.


Tried that, didn’t help :slightly_frowning_face:

Did you already use your Tournament flags, or do you still have some unused and no icon even after force quitting?

I still have tourney flags left, and the reminder finally showed up randomly (I was making jokes about the titan in chat at the time)

[Solution] Make terrible jokes :rofl:

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Wow, I’m going to start linking this thread in bug reports when I’m out of ideas: Vivica, Elena, Joon and Khagan walk into a bar...the Awful Jokes thread

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