Raid - Timeout on Win


Oct 26th, 2017
Shortly After 3pm, EST

Account: Zizzzzy

I was raiding to finish up my mission and got involved in a match that started the Timeout countdown. It was my healer against their healer and tiles just couldn’t do enough dmg to kill before he would just heal back up again. Eventually the DMG modifier ramped up to the point where the defending team healers normal attacks killed my final player and I lost. The countdown was somewhere in the 4 minutes remaining range.

With one final attack left and 4 kills to complete my mission I rerolled and went up against a new opponent. I specifically rerolled a few times to get a weaker team as I was wanting to ensure i got my final 4 kills with my last attack.

All went well, and I was down to their final player. With my one character charged up I fired off its special and looked away from my phone a second while waiting for the summary page to show. When I looked back (15 seconds later?) I was at the the summary and confused to see “No Items Found!” when I knew they had +20k Food/Iron. I then notice I was not the Winner… and it shows that time expired.

Unfortunately, since I looked away right as I hit my Heros special to “finish off” the last hero I didnt actually see it die or the “Victory” screen popup…but I know for sure that I was not in this match long enough to initiate the DMG modifiers or the 5 minute timeout countdown and most certainly did not look away from my phone long enough for the match to time out if that final special didnt kill the hero as I expected.

Obviously I found it a bit coincidental that a match I am pretty positive I won ended up timing out directly after I was in a match that initiated the timeout countdown. It’s also quite probable that this happen within the timeframe of that original countdown.

It seems as if the timer from the previous match timed out my following match. The only screenshot I have is from the summary page after the fight, but it at least includes the player I was attacking to help you locate the log events.


Edit: Forgot about Watchtower. Here you can see the win. Interestingly you can see I lost 23 trophies on the previous match that I lost during the timeout countdown… which was how many the bugged summary screen showed I lost on the match that I won.

Raid time up bug

Contact support so they can loom into this. Wpuld be an interesting glitch


A member of my alliance experienced the same yesterday. She saw that she defeated every enemy, but the screen said, that she had lost the raid.


Thanks, I’ve now linked it to support via in game support as well.


Actually, I never thought to go check my Watchtower… the log there shows that I did indeed win the match. So now I am positive something bugged. I am unsure if I gained the loot and trophies or not. I suspect that I did and the summary screen was showing incorrect information.