Raid time up bug


I won a raid before the time was up and it say I lost and lost -22 trophies and didn’t fill my hero chest.


And it says I won in my records. So I don’t know which is it? Evidence says a mixture of both die to the fact my hero chest didn’t fill up.


Ok now I’m really getting annoyed


Cups don’t match in your first two posts (those against Camy). If you’d lose 22 by losing, by winning you should’ve gained 39. (You can’t go +18 / -22 against anyone.)


thank you , but surely this is a display bug and will annoy others too


What I meant to say is that it’s a more serious bug than just a display bug. Your cups, or the opponent’s cups, or the cups of both of you seem to have changed twice as a result of the battle.


I had the same thing happen to me a few months back. I logged a support ticket but they were never able to identify the battle in logs to determine what may have caused it.

In my case, my previous match had been a loss during the 5 minute time out and I started the bugged match within that 5 minute window. Despite winning, the summary page showed a loss due to time out.

I’d specifically log a support ticket for this as it seems it’s not just an isolated display glitch.


Please contact Game Support for help, from your game screen by clicking:

Menu > Options > Support (Technical)

ALSO ON ANY FAQ PAGE, will be a link for submitting a New Request.