Raid team selection

Why is it that when I edit a team for raiding and hit apply it defaults back to my defense team? On multiple occasions I’ve lost raids because it takes the team I didn’t want. If I edit a team to raid its because that’s the team I want to use so why change it once I hit apply.

It’s the order in which you’re doing things. You need to swipe over to the team you want to use first, then edit it.

If you hit edit first and then swipe over to a different team, it won’t change which team you have selected.

Thank you for the input that will help me in future raids didn’t realize that’s how it works. Much appreciated

Sure thing :slight_smile: it’s bitten me a time or three also.

Yeah it’s sucks when I’m trying to complete my raid chest and I end up missing it by one or two heroes because of the mishap so gotta wait a whole hour for another raid flag to complete the chest.