Raid team power spread

Note: This is not a whine post about unfair raids!

I am level 25 struggling to stay in silver league though my teams have improved so I’m now in a more comfortable range of 750-820 cups usually. I understood that raid matching can be in a 600 point range, up or down. I.e, you could face an opponent up to 300 team points lower, or 300 points higher. Did I misunderstand the math, and it really means you could face someone with a team 600 points higher? (Don’t think so else it would be a 1200 point range )

So if the swing is ~300 points up or down, how did I get raided by a team 583 points above mine?

My defense team power is 2602. I was raised by a team with power 3185. Needless to say, I lost. A lot.

Raids are fine, + or - 300 seems right, I’ve won and lost sitting in both the high and low side. But nearly 600 points above mine? What gives?

I have screenshots, just couldn’t figure out how to insert them .

Thanks for any insight.

More than 700 ahead:

Don’t be afraid of much stronger teams…

How’d you insert the images? Anyway, my question is really about the rules. Depending on the team composition, I might risk going after a team that much higher. But my standard defense team can’t be configured for such a raid. If it could, my team power would be higher and this particular spread wouldn’t be so lopsided.

But if I’m wrong about the power limits, so be it, but my understanding has been different, which is why I posted.

It’s actually a 300 point range on Trophies, not Team Power.

On the bottom right of the editor, there’s a picture icon with a sun and mountain, that looks like this:



Thanks,that clears it up. Odd the opponent has so relatively few cups with that level of team, but I don’t raid that much either so I’m not accusing him of cup dropping. (Really, I’m not.)


They could also be bad at Raiding, have been inactive for a while, or have gotten fairly high in Trophies and been slashed down by a ton of attacks.

But cup dropping is also very plausible.

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I saw that and clicked it but it wouldn’t give me the option of going to my image gallery where the shots are saved. But thanks, I can try a workaround next time I need to.

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