Raid team is not fixed anymore

It was a good feature, that a team I used once for raid will be preselected next time I do a raid. Raid window is full of info and the team is represented only with small icons, so it is easy to overlook the change.

After you populate 5 teams I lost several raids, because my favorite raid team was switched and I raided with my defense team. So I must say it is really worthless to have 5 teams, when the game cannot remember and save the number of team I used last. Moreover team for attacking titan and for farming on map is the same. It is so hard to make a feature to assign team to a specific activity, so I can choose team 3 as defense, team 4 as raids attack, team 5 as titan fights?

Hello none,

Since the last update, the raid allways use the team 1.

But, if you select another one, the selection will be kept while you stay online

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