Raid team color stacking preferences

I understand that people are going to ultimately use whatever the best heroes they have available are, but all things held equal what would be your preferred raid team makeup in terms of color stacking? Monochrome? 4:1? 3:2? 2:2:1? Are you a madman and running rainbow?

The more you color stack the greater the risk and reward. So in general the more of an underdog you are in the fight, the more it color stacking it makes sense to do

If you can bring in a rainbow team and squash them (or have a really good shot at it), do that. It’s less of a risk.

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Mostly 2-2-1, some times 3-2 and rarely some other combinations. Almost never mono.

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For raids, I usually run mono against the biggest threat (not necessarily the tank). High risk, high reward. For wars I prefer 3/2 to mitigate the effects of a bad board

I almost always go 3:1:1 sometimes 3:2

I used to run a rainbow 4* team until I got to Diamond tier, then found that 2:2:1 tended to be more effective for my play style. Stacking any more than that is usually too large of a risk of bad boards for me.

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I have been MOST successful with 4-1, or 3-1-1.

I go 4-1 on tanks I HATE like Guin or Grave, 3-1-1 on anyone else.

I never reroll on team composition, just cups to “play the spread” (+35 cups minimum) and only revenge raids where I lose <20 cups.

I agree fully with your assessment. Certainly if you are significantly stronger than your opponent due to cup dropping or just general war mismatches rainbow can get the job done, and if you are significantly weaker stacking heavily is your best chance. That said, due to being able to choose which tiles to utilize I don’t believe rainbow to be as stable as say 2:2:1 or even 2:1:1:1, in practice. If you were able to turn on autoplay for raids and the AI just randomly selected tiles, I’d agree fully that rainbow would be most consistent.

I fully understand that there is no universally correct answer aside from “it depends” (where’s the fun in that?), but I truly enjoy seeing everybody’s preferences and rationales.

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Except you can only play the tiles you are dealt. I have gone a whole battle and only seen 5 green tiles the entire time. If you stacked green then you would have been in deep trouble. I had and I was…

Agreed for deep stacks, but for light stacking no more than 2 deep in any color, certainly going with only matches in the color you’ve dropped is going to be a significant anomaly. Do you think that’s overall bound to be outweigh the advantage of doubling damage in a color in a world where one can selectively play tiles?

I’m sure that it’s probably a marginal difference in either direction however the math plans out, but I genuinely wonder which way the numbers lean

I’m not the right one to have this conversation with, because I have the worst luck imaginable when stacking. I will not stack more than two deep anymore (actually I try three now and again, and always have a horrid set of boards).

I have lost a more than a few by stacking two and getting noting but the missing color, but the advantages out weighs the risk in certain situations (like facing a tough tank).

But aside from bad stacking luck, you also have to remember that at worst I’m never more than 100 points lower than any opponent now, and I used to beat opponent 200-300 points higher on a regular basis with rainbow team. So I don’t feel the need to color stack very often.

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I raid at least 3/2, sometimes 4/1 (rarely) and I like mono red against a lot of teams. Anytime the front 3 heroes include a green, a yellow and purple I’ll just bring mono red.

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I’m a fan of 2-2-1 or 3-2. If 2-2-1, usually the “1” is a healer, so if I’m not getting good tiles for the paired attackers, I at least have some hope of staying alive until my luck changes.

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I’m usually either 2-2-1 or 3-1-1 depending on the opponent and the team I can put together.

My favorite is 3:1:1. Six tiles of the strong color will usually kill the tank, and you still have 3 active colors on the board. My favorite template is Kiril + Gravemaker with either (Panther, Sartana, Khiona), (Evelyn, Gregorian, Lianna), or (Jackal, Joon, Musashi).

Well, I went and tried again just to see what would happen. Went in with no green…started with a green heavy board. It happens, had to clear them out since there was so many I couldn’t make any other combo (and not a bad strategy early on anyway), during the battle I had no less than 6 sets of green tiles drop as a 3 match. I didn’t even the option of playing them or not. They dropped into the board and hit the opponents because they matched.

I don’t know what the odds are for that but they can’t be good. I have the worst color stacking luck ever…

Single color teams for war, titan and raids. Sometimes a 4/1. Even with a mediocre board they melt like butter. High risk yes, but worth it.

TLDR; I like 3/2 for raids, and monochrome for war when you are facing overpowered defenses.

I almost always raid with 3/2 stacks. I find at least one of the 2 colors that I brought keeps me in the fight as long as I’m not raiding someone whose team clearly outclasses mine. I like 3/2 more than 2/2/1 because that extra stacked hero really helps take out the tank faster. I did use 2/2/1 when I could not field a leveled 3rd hero of that color in the stack.

In war, I liked to go monochrome for 5 hits, then customize a last hit with any remaining heroes. Since my top 30 heroes included mostly maxed 3* heroes and some partially leveled 4* heroes, I felt that this strategy helped maximize those weaker heroes’ impact. If they died, that was fine because I brought them for their color-specific tile damage. Sometimes I could one-hit a team of maxed 5*s, other times I would do minor damage to the tank. On bad boards, my team died or I fled the scene before a healer fired. Either way, I still scored points on a superior team and at least weakened its defenses for my teammates.

Now that my bench is a bit deeper and stronger, I have felt that I need to switch back to normal raiding strategies in war. This was precipitated by facing teams that coordinate tanks. I felt that I should distribute my strong color heroes among the 6 hits rather than use them all in 1-2 of them. However, I may go back to monochrome if our opponents’ defenses continue to grow in strength and outpace my account.

I auto-farm and try to have a defense that sports a rainbow team. Those are the only times I go rainbow these days.

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3-2, Usually a healer in both colors.

Color stacking means that I get screwed and lose when a rainbow would have won. Maybe it is just my rotten luck, I have seen it work for others- just never for me. I swear, the game waits for me to leave a color off so I can get slaughtered by an inferior team. Every. Gawddam. Time.


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