Raid Team Choice need your thoughts

Hello everyone I would like to hear your thoughts and choice on our raid team. Here are the first three team with best heroes.
Main team is

You can also guide me with their positions which is my real concern. beside I am sharing other heros if you may have better idea on raid defans

Second team

and third one

let me hear your thought on main team. @JonahTheBard could you please let me meet with right strategists.

You have some awesome heroes that I don’t have a lot of experience with, however I would suggest that Zeline is a great flank/second row but not very good in the centre.

Most people would use Delilah there, or possibly Alasie.

I would also say that both Zimkitha and Marjana are more intimidating than Elena, when they are levelled.

I would suggest Alasie, Zeline, Delilah, Hel, Elena but very happy to be corrected by people with more HOTM.

@FraVit93 @Brobb @Kerridoc @Wharflord @Elpis @Garanwyn

Anyone better informed and want to jump in?

I’m guessing your other teams are just for an example, but just in case, don’t keep your teams static - for titans, raids and quests pick every team for the situation.


That is great response @JonahTheBard thank you so much. Just your own views are fine. Looking forward to hear more.

Alesie Elena Delilah Zeline Hel my choice


Looks like a sound analysis to me. The one comment I’d make is that Elena in the corner is likely wasted, since by the time she fires, the fight will often be decided.

I’d probably prefer Marjana. She’ll fire after people have already taken some damage from Zeline and Hel, yet before the fight is over, and so is quite likely to get a kill.


I would run this:

Zeline - Zimkitha - Hel - Delilah - Alaise

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Gregorion - Delilah - Zimkitha - Zeline - Alasie for me :grin:

As you can see, there’s no a single choice avalaible.

Zim-zeline-delilah-hel alasie (once zim is levelled)

The only unfortunate thing is Greg and alasie are both rangers. Hel and zeline are both wizards. Definitely wouldn’t have 2 of 2 same class, but would be a shame not to have hel and zeline.

@FraVit93 . @Garanwyn . @Tutix thx for your time I appreciate that. helped me a lot.


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