Raid team change

I keep waking up every morning to my raid team 1 being changed to team 6, my worst team, and having to spend all day and a few hundred gems getting back to platinum. And when I try to apply team 1 it changes it back to team 6. Don’t not what I’m doing wrong, been playing a long time with alot of money invested and this is getting a bit annoying to wake up too every morning. Any help would be appreciated. Thx

If you mean that you’ve hit the Defense button on Team 1 and it’s changing to Team 6 on its own, then I would definitely contact Support about that. That’s not normal.

This should be “on,” as indicated by the skull and swords icon.

Thank you sir, sending a ticket to support

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In the meantime, put your defense heroes on team 6 and the other team on team 1

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