Raid TC Prize--based on when you get it, or when you open it?

I’ve been in the Gold Arena for a while and yesterday I managed to creep over 1800 trophies for my first Platinum treasure chest. Since then, I’ve been knocked back down to Gold.

My question is, if I complete the next mission in Gold but am in Platinum when I open it, which reward will I get?

Thanks in advance!

Your reward is based on what tier you are when you open the chest

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@CreamxEgg thanks! I may have to wait when I get my next one.

Anytime :slight_smile:

@CreamxEgg I’ve since gotten knocked back to the 1500’s. Sigh.

@AdrianW2008. Yeah I know the struggle, I use to tank trophies and build up easy teams to beat in your tower. So to make a really big run to get up there

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