Raid System

All I want to ask is for someone at SG to think about re- vamping the PVP. I have no idea how much time or effort it will take but I know the system can be improved. It will make the game more enjoyable with a better system where players don’t drop a bunch of trophies in a short period of time. When they revenge you usually get less back. Just think about it please.

il sistema raid fa pena fa schifo è insensato inutile e senza logica.,… va solo a culo… le vendette dovrebbero essere 1 sola e basta… non è possibile che passi il giorno a fare 300 coppe e la notte ne perdi 400… che cavolo uno dovrebbe vivere in gioco? il sistema raid che da il 20% alla squadra difesa fa pena, ho 4044 potenza e tutte truppe 4s a livello 20 … stasera negli ultimi 20 minuti ho perso 210 coppe da ogni player che passava dal mio acount… inizio a pensare che sg depotenzi chi si lamenta,io spero che sistemino perche il gioco cosi come è ora è una truffa.

@Formicatomica I put your comment in goggle translate and pasted here:
the raid system is worth sucks is senseless and useless without logic., … it just goes to ■■■ … revenge should be 1 and only … it is not possible that you spend the day doing 300 cups and the night you lose 400 … what the hell should one live in the game? the raid system that gives 20% to the defense team is worthwhile, I have 4044 power and all 4s troops at level 20 … tonight in the last 20 minutes I lost 210 cups from each player that passed from my acount … I start thinking that sg de-power he complains, I hope they settle because the game as it is now is a scam.

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Three questions:
1: What dont you like about raids?
2: What and how do you suggest it is changed?
3: Who cares about cups?

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What do I like about raids? just fill the trunk with the stupid illusion of finding something inside but 99% is disappointment … what would I improve? 1 only revenge … if you’re good you get the cups and if you’re weak because you’ve already lost stay as you are … do not lose others, I find it useless that there are 3 revenge and eventually you lose and he takes back more than necessary … is to be angry and the game is so cheating … the cups used for the place in the alliance are not vital but they are a boast … the thing that bothers me is that if I pay for one thing can not change for the decision of others … I pay and I want exactly what I pay for … if you decide to change things at your pleasure, or you ask my opinion or give me back the money. Here I paid a lot but I really talk about euro and 4-digit numbers but it seems that 4060 of power and troops at level 20 all 4 stars do not count … I’m not good … I pay to be stronger and then I must be stronger, if the whole game is based on luck without a logic then it should be all free!

  1. I DO like that raids are completely voluntary, great source of food/iron, and provide a way to challenge your teams.

  2. Some kind of reward for maintaining cup level, which perhaps Alliance Wars will provide?

  3. Could not possibly care less as currently implemented. Not interested in bragging rights at this time.