Raid system is broken


I see, I’v been keeping track of all the raids that the matchmaking system proposes to try and get a sense for what the target criteria actual are so for each proposed match I record my trophy count, the proposed opponents’ trophy counts, the proposed opponents’ TP (also trying to get a sense for how closely TP and Trophies actually correlate). As you seem to be raiding at a slightly higher level than I, I was hoping to extend my data set to include higher trophy counts.


I’m happy to start tracking it for you. I float around 1900-2000 cups.


Well, you’re not as much above me in trophies as I thought you were, but hey, more data is always good.


Update was wonderful. If it wasnt broken before it is now 19 raids in a row now. Something is broken. I dont reroll but i started. Even facing way weaker ppl I still don’t win. This is jacked up and so sick of it. FIX THIS CRAP


I think the most obvious answer is the least popular one. EnP is the SECOND highest grossing game according to Google Play store. The sale to Zenga is in its final stages. Nerfing the game will prompt more sales from frustrated players trying to boost their teams, which makes for a higher selling price for SG.

Prediction… once the sale is finalized the devs will ‘all of a sudden’ solve some bugs they spotted. The timing will be entirely coincidental to the final sale to Zenga. Late enough to line their pockets with cash from the sale, but not so much they tank the number of players in the platform which could put the sale to Zenga at risk.

Greedy punks…


I’ve got to say, I have no earthy idea why you play this game. You think the raids are rigged against you, that the boards are not fairly distributed, and that war matchmaking is awful. You also think that the developers are greedy, unscrupulous, and deliberately leave bugs in the game to boost sales.

Serious question, why do you still play?

I mean, this is supposed to be a thing you do for fun, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a post from you that wasn’t complaining about how unfair the game is, how it’s just a scam, and how awful the developers are. Sounds like the game makes you really unhappy.


Team power means nothing, it’s just numbers… Now, this is the way I interpret those pictures… That Corvus guy is level 32. He is displaying a underdeveloped defense team, which at his level (32) is hard to believe that is the best he has to offer, so probably he is cup dropping heavy. Many players do that on purpose in order to easy fill their hero chests. When he attacked you, he probably used his “big guns” which may very well include some 4/80 5* heroes, so, kicking your defense team’s behind would be a joke for him. Conclusion? Don’t judge the offensive power of a player after his defense team.


I have noticed the same thing. All of a sudden, almost every team that I am facing has a stronger power, and I get my ■■■ handed to me on a regular basis. The developers say that the game matches you with players who have a similar trophy amount, but that just means an advanced player can intentionally lose trophies just to go down to a lower tier and then can wipe the floor with anyone who tries to attack them.
Opposing players gain mana at a very fast pace and fire off their specials faster than I can get one player’s mana to half power. It’s challenging, but super frustrating and makes me want to just quit the game.


I figured that for a cup drop team the moment I saw an unlevelled Gobbler on defense. He’s squishy even at 4/70.


Cup dropper, any day of the week. Look at Li’s level. If that would be a serious defense team she would definitely be in tank position. Level 32 implies some gameplay experience…


Not just me, Gar. You have you hands full with increasingly upset user posts.

I think the devs are doing what they are told. Its leadership that is greedy. As to why I still play? That’s a great question. At first I hoped maybe it would change. Now, at least until the seniors cash out, I believe this game at best will stay just like it is, or worse continue to decline.

But seriosuly, would you disagree that the game is getting less user friendly with each update?
Considering the time you spend responding to dozens of posts each week?

Hope you are getting something for your time.


Actually, the complaint levels look remarkably constant to me, with the possiby exception of the usual round of “OMG the update broke XXX” posts that seem to come out just after major revisions.

The game’s always been a bit “user unfriendly,” in the sense that there isn’t much in-game info to help you understand how anything works. But the overall experience isn’t worse to me now than it was several months ago.

As for my personal experience?

According to my records, I’m still winning 70% of my raids, fighting people an average of 365 TP above me. My alliance wins about 60% of the time in war. I’m seeing a reasonable drop rate in AM. And my last 130 pulls on Atlantis ended up very close to the expected distribution. I only got Kage, when the expectation was for 3 5*. But…eh. RNG gonna RNG.

The devs are certainly out to make money, no question at all. But they seem to genuinely be trying to make the game better. Not cheaper, certainly, but more enjoyable, and with more content.

As for what I get out of posting on the forums? For the most part it’s pretty entertaining, and I enjoy helping people and engaging in good debates. This is (for the most part) a great bunch of people here.

SG certainly hasn’t given me anything, if that’s what you’re implying. Other than the enjoyment I get out of E&P.


Cool. We can agree to disagree on some points then. Neither of us lose anything.

Now, let’s see how my prediction goes. I hope I’m wrong. But having gone through numerous sw acquisitions, I recognize the strategy at play here. Imho, the devs attention is on “minimal new content dev, minimal maintenance, max cash efficiency.” That, and the new game SG is developing.


I played this game every day for the last about seven or eight month. For me the game has become a lot friendlier since I discovered a few shortcuts to easy victory. My raid strategy is simple. I raid with the same team always, I stack colors, (I use 3 red / 2 purple attack team) never take revenge runs unless they fit my team, actually I always choose my opponents to fit my team. I easily keep a 2100 - 2300 cup level, even if my defense usually looses a lot (sometimes up to 100% of the overnight raids), I compensate by attacking powerful enemies with much higher cup level than mine, that give me at least a 45/16 cup ratio.
One thing I must say though… I keep this level for a pretty long time, cannot advance since I have no 5* heroes and 4* defenses can’t hold diamond cups. What I want to say is that if a few month ago high platinum was swarming with 4* heroes, nowadays they are becoming more and more rare here, as they are being replaced slowly but surely with 5* heroes… I bet that in just a few month, 5* defenses will be a common sight even in low platinum range, maybe even gold arena… Every day more and more players get their TC20 operational and level more and more 5* heroes.
As for the game becoming less and less user friendly after each update, sorry, I did not notice anything that might make me think that…


We definitely shall see. For what it’s worth, I hope you start enjoying the game more. Life’s too short to hate your hobbies.


The modifications they made a few months ago really skewed the system. The cup win/loss ratio used to be closely tied to the team power. Close teams were + - 30 cups, raiding lower tp teams resulted in small gains or big losses. Now it looks like it’s tied more to rankings. Win 3 raids and your ranking goes up by 20K and then you get raided by a bunch of higher tp teams and lose 40-50 cups to each one when they should only be getting 15-30 max.

It seems awfully fishy that these new problems with raiding started just before they started selling raid shields.


The time I spend on this game is truly time to kill. Between meetings. 10 minutes on a car ride. Time stuck in an airport.

If they dont change a thing, I’ve lost nothing… especially not a moments peace. But I like to speak my mind when I see things are off, even of just to see if anyone is listening.

I can assure you this, Gar. I’ve consulted for companies worth more than this one, to say nothing for those I have stake in. Dont worry about my quality of life. I’m good there.

If no one is listening, not to me… but to the numerous people saying the same thing… then SG will go down and just another start up with no clue about what they lost. Those stories are a dime a dozen.


In all my raiding the closeness of cups was never an indication of the closeness of the match up. Cup level is really a measure of how much you raid rather than your team strength. And of course the more you raid the more your cup level will oscillate so it’s not really even a good measure of that. I can on a given day be anywhere between 1900 and 2200. Unless you are intent on being in the top 100 raiding is really just a sideline, a way of filling chests. The higher you are the more competitive the opponents you face.


Ok after couple of days of testing i can see where the problem is for me… Its when i stack colors. Whenever you stack a color… Lets say Blue, I would never get much of a Blue color on a deck. And its not only that you wont see alot of Blue at the beggining but also color will not show any soon…

I played 32 games with Blue (4+1) team and i had 4 times luck when i received more than 7 blues at the start (all of those cases were after my 1st lost to the oponent and when I was doing reavenge). Usually itd 5 of less and New once are starting to apear after 7-9 moves…

Guys can you please take a look during your games and See if Its same do you…


Also i stoped looking on cups indicator like +11/-45… Becouse its giving you wrong idea… Itd not based on yor vs opponent team power but Its overal ranking (thats my view)… Which is… Welll not to smart. I would like to fight with a equal power teams… Not super teams with a fake rank…