Raid system is broken


8-10 opponents in a row is not coincidence … When just 5 days ago I was raiding the similar stats and heroes and defeating. Also… for the defenders to heal 4-5x in a row with no “juice” … Really?


Outside of war with Field Aid, I have never seen healing without a special having fired. Are you sure you aren’t just seeing the effects of a Heal Over Time?

If you really are seeing healing happen without a special having gone off, please make a video of it and post it here so the developers can take a look at it. If you need help with making a video from your phone, I’ll be happy to explain how to do it.


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On Jan 7 at 5:20 pm I was booted from the server with a “sorry” message and after logging back in, when I attack in raids, the tile damage has diminished and am losing to teams that should be an easy win. I have also noticed that when I am raided, teams 500 power over me are looking 50cups a pop.


Looks like you just had a full server. There was no patch that was pushed on 7 Jan, so none of the game mechanics will have changed in the past two days.

Regarding your second comment: Team Power is not in any way connected to cups. They’re purely based on your wins and loses against others. And the number of cups you win or lose in a match is determined by the difference between your cups and your enemy’s cups. So if you get beaten by a team with far fewer cups than you, but a much higher team power, they’re still going to win a lot of cups off of you.


The number of cups won or lost should be based on the tp of both teams, not the number of cups a team has. Significantly higher tp teams shouldn’t get more cups for beating a lower tp team than they would lose if they lost. It just encourages more unfair matches and frustrates players. The old raid system matching was a lot better.


Raids have never been matched based on team power. It’s always been a modified ELO system symbolized by cups.


Same problem started for us lately. We are loosing 5-10 fights in the row to really weak opponents. Our fast heros charges 0 times while at the same time slow defenders attaks us 3-4 times with a special… its so freaking enoying. Can someone from SG explain and prove to us how is it all calculated. I just lost over 250 cups with my 5* team to 3* team…last one was power 3200 vs 2600 and i lost… ■■■?
Also whenever i choose 2+ one colors to the team i always starting with 0 matching colors on a board. Vivica and 2x chao 3.60 and only to yellow diamonds st begginning… happens not once but always… always.

If this still will be an issue our 30 strong Alliance are planing to delete this game and forget about it…


Can you record and upload a video?


Since the current update has rolled out my account as well as my husband’s account keeps getting raided. We can not revenge because they have an older version of the app. This needs to be fixed so that revenge is allowed during the transition to the new version or completely disabled between versions. We are both losing many cups ; 30 raids in 24 hours is to many. Especially, when I am in game for more than 30 minutes because of the lagging, and I get raided. Fix this.


I can try. But again i played with min2 2 dark heros and no yellow… and again there was 3-4 dark pieces and a lot of yellow on a board from the strat… they charched 3 times… me 0.

If ther is some logic/script/math behind it… let us all know. Its not a fun to loose to way weaker players just becouse thay have some hidden +++


The company has said it’s completely random, and all the evidence I’ve seen says they’re telling the truth. I’ve been color stacking and recording my boards for the last 230 raids or so, and the distribution of tiles looks exactly like it should if it is random.

60% of the boards you see (so 6 out of every 10) will have 7 or fewer tiles of any particular color. That means if you color stack, most of the time you’ll see 7 or fewer tiles of the color you want. And even then, they’ll often not be close together, making it hard for you to make a match. That’s what random boards really look like.


Hey, i might agree but for me everything was ok befor upgrade to new ver. I was keeping my cups around 1600-1700 without any problems. i gain a lot of cups on def side and while fighting +10-20 teams. It was easy for me to kill front heros while using 2 oposit color heros… but now. I droped to 1400 cups. I am loosing to a much weaker ones ang getting -40 to -50 when i am attacked… i cannot win … its like. I had 70% win with my tactic… right now its 30… and the only thing that changed is this upgrade…


That sounds super frustrating. I would be hating that too.

I don’t know what to tell you overall, though. I’m raiding people an average of 350 TP above me, and my record since the update is 22 wins and 7 losses (73% average). That’s just a tiny bit better than my normal. I always stack 3-2, since I’m collecting data to test the fairness of the tile RNG.

My defense is only good for about a 30% win rate, since my cups are so high relative to my TP. That also has stayed about the same for me after the update. I lost 150 cups overnight, which is pretty normal.

So all I can say is I’ve had a very different experience than you have. The tile frequencies are also looking essentially unchanged since the update, and still right at 20% probability of the color I’m stacking into.


During our chat i just got attacked and destroyed again…

I am 3k team… -50 again


Ok, but you have no idea how strong their attacking team is. You can only see what they use as their defense.

That is very clearly a cup dropper who attacked you. Look at how they put 4 very weakly leveled heroes out there, but Li Xiu is maxed. All of their troops are quite leveled up.

Cup droppers field very weak defenses so they lose a lot, then use their full strength team to climb back up the rankings. It’s an easy way to win a lot of matches quickly.


Yep i saw it a sec after i post it… he is over 30 lvl. But those kind of guys attaking me plus my 30% attac sucess rate and my Cup is a mess.

I will give it a time to see how it looks in next couple days. Also my allies are complaining about simmilar stuff… time will tell

Thanks for your support Garanwyn, much appriciated! :wink:


I assume you mean 350 TP above you since the cap for trophy differential is +300. Either that or your raids are overwhelmingly revenge raids.


Good catch. Thanks! It is indeed TP. I only revenge to save rerolls.


It sounds like you do a fair amount of tracking of your raids. Do you keep track of every opponent the system proposes or only those that you choose to raid?