Raid system is broken


Sorry, didn’t see this reply.

I have spent zero money on anything. No deals, no VIP, no gems.

I auto farm two monster chests per day at my desk and fight one raid chest. I might do more raids if I have dead time commuting etc.

I do 3-4 titan hits and fight wars, which is equivalent to another 12 raids a week.

I have spawned my own minions to farm for me!

I do spend a lot more time on game related stuff, such forum and line groups, but that doesn’t influence the game directly.


Now the situation has changed. At a certain level and I’m not talking about the top, the amount and quality of Hotm heroes and event are so great that with a tc20 team and the speed + mana of the defense is unlikely except good boards. You speak of synergy and skill, because you play with special heroes, like those infinite grave that there is but there are no synergies in lianna, magni, vivica, etc without counting the slugs. Simply neither synergy, nor ability, they have drawn so much and so complete that there is an abyss, that is why so much glass falls.


Sartana, Isarnia, Azlar, Vivica, Lianna OR
Sartana, Isarnia, Horghall, Vivica, Marjana, in that order, will easily keep you in diamond tier.

Isarnia drops their defense, Vivica cleanses, heals, and raises your defense, Horghall lowers their attack or Azlar does vicious damage, Sartana hits like a truck, Lianna hits like a bigger truck and Marjana has vicious DoT.


But @JonahTheBard doesn’t spend anything and is quite successful. I know other people in the same position.

Spending gives more options but it isn’t the only path to success.


SGG would like to make this game last for 5-8 years. CEO explained it in an interview you can read here :

He also explain that yes, they’re working on an other game (wich is not a problem as long as they don’t stop improving this one).


That interview is 6 months old, but sure.

It still generates a lot of money with the addition of new heros, events and ascension material offers, so of course they want it to last as long as possible.


High platinum is abounding in 5* teams lately, and not exclusively TC20 ones… less and less 4* teams there every day… a couple month ago I had no trouble re-rolling my way to diamond with a 4* team… that kind of stunt gets harder every day. Unfortunately, at this rate, 4* teams will be a thing of the past this time next year… You will have trouble keeping platinum with a 4* defense by then… As a 4* dinosaur in high platinum, I’m saddened about this perspective…


Yes it’s 6 months old but I guess that nothing has changed since it has been done ! Regarding all the money they’re getting with the game, no doubt they will keep working on it. That’s my thought tho.


Nothing except that Zynga has (is in the process?) of buying SGG.

But it would be nice if they kept developing content instead of focusing so hard on revenue generation.


staying in a diamond with a team of 5 * is easy, only with Geneva I keep 2450 trophies, accompanied by whatever, but here we talk about attack and not 2400, that there are still vulnerable defenses, at 2500/2550, the defenses are of HOTM and event almost in its entirety and, for a tc20 team, if it does not have a big board, it’s sticking with a wall. There is a lot of difference between a special team and a classic one, more and more.


If you stack colors, even with an average board, you can beat teams 300, 400, even 500 points higher than yours. I do it routinely. I’m generally attacking teams around 4000-4100, and the teams I use to attack with are generally around 3600, a mix of 4* and 5*. I generally win about 7 out of 10 attacks.


T h i s is T.R.U !!!


Welcome to 3* 4* hero hell!@ I noticed this a couple months ago. I stopped trying to match the team against me because that EXACT thing kept happening!! Just went back to 1 of every color thinking my “strategy” that should’ve worked WASNT!!
Just like in Raids it is unfair to change the categories because the older , more seasoned players raid you when they see you match up. If you’re struggling to win at a team right under 2000, how cld I compete against 2800 team and totally leveled heroes?? I keep seeing players leaving the game amd I’m beginning to see why…


I have a good start team but still get my rear kick in war with little you be able to win but they send in a ringer for them kill you off when you are a better team! Something is wrong there. When you look at team the final enemy is something I did not on there team. When matched. Something is wrong with that?


I only get one reveng win.but yes ive had players hit me over and over back to back


They should be able to try to raid you up to three times, but the second they win they shouldn’t be able to attack you again right away.

You should be able to revenge any successful raid, again you should have three attacks or until you win one, whichever comes first.


Ya i usually win the revenge raid.but dont know how to iniciate a raid on someone and win more than once


You can’t. Once you win, you don’t have the option to keep attacking the same player


I agree about something being wrong with the raids… There’s a glitch somewhere … A lot ofy alliance is experiencing the same problem. I try to attack a defender that I know for a fact o should defeat and I’m killed within a few attacks… Others facing same issue… PLEASE LOOK INTO THIS …


How do you know for a fact you should be able to defeat a particular defender?