Raid system is broken

This is no different from any other game, or just about any sport really. If complete armatures with poor equipment could win it all, it
really wouldn’t be very interesting or challenging.

However, you have some bad assumptions. I can assemble a winning team for free (yes it will likely take longer than if I pay to play) and skill development is free. And despite some people claiming there is no skill, there clearly is. Those that don’t think so just are stuck not understanding how to work a board, how to set up a defense team or how to create a synergistic offense.


Quit worrying about cups set a really weak defence let ppl beat them than revenge with your normal team and fill your raid chest. The trophies don’t mean diddly. Only thing they are for is getting into alliances with a trophie limit. Unless it’s a ridiculously strict alliance, if you talk to a recruiter they’ll drop it til you get in. There is no rewards for how many trophies you have.

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It was situation what is cheat by system.
The ai is clever to difficule play for players.

There are really two options that the game could use:

  1. When someone is winning at their current strength level, leave them there and let them keep beating everyone else at that strength level. So the best players at a given strength level win all the time, and everyone else at that strength level loses all the time.

  2. When someone is winning, move them up against stronger competition. When someone is losing, move them down against weaker competition. Keep doing this until their win/loss ratio falls to about 50/50. At this point, they’re at the “right” level for their skill and team strength.

The designers chose option 2. I personally think it’s the most fair and fun, but then I prioritize challenge over winning as often as possible. I know other people feel differently about it.

You seem to think there’s something wrong with the game if you’re not winning PvP all the time. But because it’s against other players’ teams, if you’re winning all the time, then they’re losing all the time. It might be more fun for you, but the people who lose all the time are going to hate it.

False dichotomy. There are more than just 2 options, AND multiple ways to accomplish even the 2 options you state.

The two options you state have nothing at all to do with the broken mechanics of the raid system. Nothing at all. Assessing if an attacker should be paired up or down the stack is entirely different from the mechanics that occur once in an engagement.

It’s pretty clear to me the game is designed to limit progress to a crawl unless and until you start spending money. And judging by the number of responses and threads expressing that same sentiment, I think that is sufficient proof that regardless of the board room philosophical justifications used to defend a design decision, the end result is a sub par user experience.

Glad you like challenge. I do too actually. And one of the biggest challenges you will face is getting someone with a poor view to realize the view is limited by their own ■■■ currently wrapped around their own head.

This is the post I replied to, not your original post. So please take my comments in that context rather than on whether mana is filling too fast and heroes are firing too often.

The reality is that there are lots of players who can routinely beat 400+ TP above theirs. And also lots of players who complain that the defense is too hard, even when facing TP below their own. Whatever mechanic they create is going to have this problem, unless they make it so easy that most people win all the time, or so hard that most people lose all the time.

I will point out, though, that if you lose, you drop down in cups, and get paired against weaker teams. And then, even if their specials fire often, you’ll still win much more frequently. So I think you’ll find that the system for deciding who you fight is very much a component of determining how hard your fights are.

I created a poll on the question of whether raid defense is too easy, to hard, or just right, here:

I’d encourage you and others who feel that raid defense is too hard to go and vote, since I’m interested in seeing how the community as a whole feels.

Hopefully however it turns out, it will be useful info for the devs.


Not that it’s all perfect, but I hit 104 globally yesterday with my completely free team, so I always struggle with the idea that spending = success = enjoyment (in any order) in E&P


So I’ve had an issue with my raids, there is a player that has attacked me about 20 times now over the last week. I thought with raids you only got 3 chances to win against a player, and vise-versa.

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How long have you been playing, how much time do spend playing daily, and how much time goes into farming what you need to grow a team like yours?

So I tried this approach over the last couple of days. I set my defense team to a very low, all blue team. As expected I am getting raised WAY more often and losing every battle.

Sure enough when I revenge with my 4* team, all tire 3 and ready to ascend to level 4, I completely destroy the attackers. While this strategy works for easyvengeance, you lose more cups than you win back. and the loot from the vengeance is not impressive at all.

So, I’m not a fan of this approach. It’s basically sad-bagging for easy revenge fights for no material advantage. While I get your point that cups dont serve much of a purpose in the game, I think I prefer strongest team vs strongest team.

Which takes us right back to fixing the defender mechanics for an optimized user experience. I think the easiest fix is for shields to feed mana of both attacker and defender at equal rates. The specials timer is horrible and lacks continuity with the rest of the game.

That said, thanks for the recommendation. It was good for the experiment.

The only timer I’m aware of is the one for standard stacks by opposing heroes (that’s the one that fires based on the little counting down numbers on each enemy). There is often at least one of those that fires in the first round. Is that what you mean?

I think he is talking about how defense heroes charge up even if you don’t hit them with tiles. And to me is like “yawn” so they do that. It doesn’t even come close to making up for the stupidity of the AI

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Ok. Thanks for the clarification. I wouldn’t have called that a timer per se. But I guess I can see why one might.

@Raynah_alaze It looks like the person attacking you is trying to advance on the season 1 map, and you were randomly selected to hold the watchtower at the end of a province. He will keep attacking you until he takes that watchtower and moves on to the next province.


That makes sense, thank you!

He said he is F2P and hit 104 global… How do you think one can accomplish this? By casually coming online 15 minutes every two days? Of course he worked hard to put that team together… But I also bet all that hard work was fun most of the time!

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How long have you been waiting to ascend your 4* to the last level ?

It seems to me that you hit a cap where you cant level up your heroes anymore and this could lead to not making any progress anymore.

I have a similar problem. I am ftp and siting in the upper half of platinium league for 2 month with about 7 maxed 4*.

Without geting a 4* hero with a decicive special or some usefull 5* heroes I am stuck there.
Luckyly Cademon will be ready in a couple of days so I will be able to finally attack all these teams with a riposte hero tank. :smile:

After this I have only to find 2 more sturdy shields and then I can finish up Kashrekk which should enable my defense team to hold my cups a little better.

We seem to be in very similar situations… F2P, no 5*, around 10 maxed 4*, hoovering in high platinum… There is a good possibility we raided against each other sometimes, who knows… Here is my oppinion. Kash is a great platinum tank, but not a diamond one… Caedmon (which I am fortunate enough to have maxed), also a great hero, but still not enough to keep you in diamond… Get you there, maybe, keep you there, that is another story… I’ve been to diamond about 5 times, up to max 2600+, but never lasted more than a few hours. And when I came down, it was crash and burn style, dropping over 400 cups in a few hours of sleep. So, my opinion, don’t set diamond league as a target unless you got a 5* defense, for 5* heroes will be all you raid against there.

Regards from a fellow F2P

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My next target would be to becpme “Bottom Feeder” diamond. :smile:

Meaning you fill your chest and open it in diamond and then get bombed down into platinum again.

This helps improve my skills and hopefully gives some better drops from the chests and will hoepully let me fill my raid chest easyer.

Meanwhile I am leveling Quintus and hope something better will come around before I ascend him to 3rd tier. :smile:


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