Raid system is broken

Right, and the only way for this to happen was described in my reply. Now if it is happening without you landing any tiles on that defender, then capture it on video, because that would be a bug.


I wholeheartedly agree with any sentiment about the raid system being broken. Attacking someone ostensibly on my level yields maybe less than a 10% chance of winning for the exact reasons the OP mentioned. Specials fire off way too easily for defenders meaning that unless I get a string of the correct color combos, I have literally no chance of winning.

Also, why the heck am I getting matched against teams 300-600 team power higher? I have absolutely ZERO chance of winning against them.

Finally, Firestorm and attacks like it need to be nerfed big time. They are literally “i win” attacks that wipe out my entire team within 2 moves.

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A lot of us see better than 70 % victories when we raid.

You might want to read this thread:


Presumably because you have such high trophy count. Do you reroll much? That Usually inflates your trophies as you pick easier opponents and win them. Stop rerollin, let your self lose a few cups. Enjoy easier raids.


I was in a raid earlier with a weaker player earlier that had two healers. I killed off most of their but a healer and a lizard remaimed. The healer was literally healing after every turn. Her and the lizard took out 4 of my players with the constant healing affect until a good combo finally took them out. But this is only one of the many things in this ge that are stacked against us as players. It’s almost criminal the way they have this system setup. I’m wondering if the knock off version of E&P is set up for p2w

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You people are wasting your breath when it comes to the crappy raiding system they have in this game it’s been garbage since I’ve been playing over a year now and they refuse to fix it just give them more money or better yet don’t give a dam dime and let this game just fold or maybe they can sell it to some qualified developers like google or Microsoft and let them fix it either way as long as the devs and CEO are laughing their way to the bank they don’t care


Japic that is the truth. Their reply to my email about it was laughable.

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What exactly do you think is broken? If you were the SGG CIO, how would you instruct the devs to modify the raid system?


Dunno why people don’t understand that the whole game is only about 2 factors :

Luck & randomness.

That’s all. Don’t search for any other point, there’s nothing else.

I would start by telling him the strongest corporate strategy for any software company is to ensure your greed is in check or you will choke the life out of your product affinity.

Second, and I take this from the 33 SaaS companies we own, I would use these forums like a CAB (customer advisory board)to calibrate what you believe internally to be true, good and desirable against the actual experiences of those who pay for your product. Thirdly, I would talk the devs to stop holding behind confirmation biases supported by farmed stats and force them to face that the actual experience of users is on the decline.

I would also adopt an Agile development strategy to cut down on both development cycles, size and complexity of releases, and accelerate product evolution.

Shall I continue… I’ve run software companies before. Dont confuse my willingness to engage with this leisure time activity with a lack of knowing what I’m talking about.

Here’s s more tangible bonus for you. The mana timers for defenders dont work. They fill to fast and skew to heavily for the defense. In place of timers defender heroes and mobs should fill with mana from the board according to the mana speed based on shields that are matched for the attacker. This would force the attacker to have to consider who to attack and with what colors. Any benefit the attacker gets from the board is shared equally with the defender. Then it’s truly down to heroes, problem solving, and attack strategy.

You guys are also increasing “add bloat” which is just a bad experience all around and further makes the user feel like all you are interested is money, not the users experience. When I have to click through 3, 4 sometimes 5 offers to do anything in the game that’s excessive. That kind of add spamming is the digital marketing equivalent of screaming at your customers. In place of 5 offers, force your teams to actually think through high value packages based on real purchase intel, and… God forbid… research of microtransactions for successful similar platforms. (Avoiding Zenga of course, which is notorious for having great UX early in product life cycles, and extremely poor UX in later product life stages.)

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Your not the only one. I’ve noticed if you bring a healer like rigard your not going to get enough ruby’s of that color to ever get a heal special loaded. I’ve seriously considered deleting the game because of unfair advantages for defences, unfair war matchup and horrible summoning oddd. I think small giants have grown to a mindset of we are to big to fail.


Are you listening yet, Kerridoc. Because your users are telling you everything you need to hear to improve in a meaningful way.

I think these are all useful ideas, @Merwin510. Remember, I’m just a player like you; my role is to help keep the forums civil and constructive. Your last several posts raise important issues that I hope staff will think about.

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Why do so many people win so much of the time if this is true? In general if you are losing to the defense regularly you either are having horrid board luck or are trying to push to high for the team and skill you have.

I can often fill a chest without a single loss., and I don’t cup drop often (maybe once every other month for an hour or two).


First, I dont reroll constantly until I find a safe fight which is extremely common. I will accept the pairings I am given.

So… assuming your critique is true, then that would beg the question is the rain match system broken too.

Oooops. New can of worms.

Raid match is based on cups…not team power. Which is why some people cup drop to get easier prey and fill up chests faster. That’s why if you win enough you will reach the point where it will get tough to win - you have climbed the ladder to the point where your team and/or skills will not let you compete. This is by design.


Reread what you just wrote.

You have won enough that the game wont allow your skills and methods be effective any longer any longer. And this is by design. Very interesting observation… now why, do you think they would do that.

Play a lot. Play smart. Win a lot. So far, I see no problem. An active player winning is a good thing and would indicate high sentiment for the experience. So why on earth would they want a mechanism in place to throttle continued success…

To force you,
To buy more.

Free to play. Pay to win. Suck it. We don’t care.


Improving player skill is free only, or at least if there’s a way to pay to instantly get better at the game I’ve never heard of it. Improving the teams can be either paid for, or done for free via training camps and by using material found by playing. The game is definitely designed to encourage spending, but there is a free alternative method of improvement for the patient player.

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Play for free if you don’t like the odds, I do.

Funnily enough, there’s another thread complaining of the odds that asserts that the MORE you pay, the worse the odds.

I find the AI is still random and I’ve written a thread suggesting that players be able to programme basic rules for their team, because the AI applies zero logic.


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