Raid system is broken

Then call it AI. Not random. There’s nothing random about Defenders hitting the heroes with specials ready to go off. I agree with your point. But don’t call it something if it’s not. And increasingly I am seeing the raid system is not random. That goes for the Titans as well. Take a look at Titans with shield and reflect capabilities. Whatever color they reflect are the colors you’ll get the most tiles of. There’s nothing random about it.

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Whoever said that the defense team attacks randomly? It certainly doesn’t. It picks on heroes with low health, high mana, or (I think) strong color against the hero.


Death Team United
A few of our members have been raided while online, as well and had been online, not just logged in ???

I’m not sure what you mean…Is that a joke?

Definitely random… no relation between the number of same color heroes and the tiles on the board. I attack with three reds / two purple all the time. Sometimes the board is red and purple all the way, sometimes is not… If it’s is red and purple I win.


It’s not coincidental at all… wouldn’t you do the same?

I think we’re talking about different randomness. Tiles are random. AI targets are not.

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Sorry for driving off road (topic) here, but I never said AI attacks are random. Au contrair:

I was answering there to @Merwin510, who was wondering how comes the AI always hits the right target.
About the tiles, I would say they are definitely random. I made a yellow diamond today while using four yellow heroes against a purple 6* demon lord and it exploded along with about ten other yellow tiles. So the game didn’t care I was using 4 yellow heroes, I still got plenty of yellow tiles.

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I lost over cups in raids yesterday from other players. For some reason, my default defense team changed to team 2. I had a lower rank team that was building up in slot 2. I can not change my raid defense team back to team 1. This happened after the update. I had to go in and also select all my team 1 heroes to also be on team 2. This solves the problem, but now my team 2 is useless since both heroes from team 1 are the same as team 2.

Notice the defense team is team 2. When I try to apply team 1 back to the defense it does not apply when I hit the apply button.

I don’t know what bug this is but it happened second time to me - I won all 6 raids in a row but instead score 30/40 under Wanted: Heroes there is written 25/40!

Not big deal but 5 heroes is stolen from my score for second time, so I have to win one raid more then used to in order to be rewarded with chest items. To be worst, have to wait until morning instead to finish it around midnight…

There is nothing random about this game at all. The AI targets the strongest attacker or highest mana. Specials for defenders go off WAY fast and more often than attackers… not random. Tile colors with stacked heroes of the same color appear a lot less often… not random. Daily summons will get you at best a 2*. To increase your chance of a 4 or 5* hero you have to buy a higher dollar package… absolutely not random.

I could go on. This game has become a money grab. One more platform that has abandoned a great concept with balance to the gameplay in favor of milking every user they can for every dollar they can get.

As I said earlier. Time to call Zenga and go ahead and cash out on the larger scale. Nothing left those by doing it.

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You’re just barking up the wrong tree here regarding the randomness and hero behavior on defence.

BUT if you feel that the game no longer gives you any joy, that the odds are stacked against you and that you in no way can affect and improve your gameplay, the solution is simple. Stop playing the game.

Of course they want to make money, it is a revenue driven company. They want to make money. That is the reality of this game. You dont have to like it, you just have to accept it.

Or find a new game to play, one that hasnt reached this pivot point yet.

I’ve already made the decision to make no more purchases on this game. Which is sad because being in business, including is owning 2 of my own, I completely understand being revenue driven… and customer centric at the same time.

So, I am very clearly voicing my concerns to see what, if any response I get. Based on those responses, or what I expect will be no response at all, I will then decide if there is any future for me, and my cash, on this platform.

Yeah, the spending player base is so big there’s no inmediate finacial penalty for loosing a 1% or paying customers.

They make up for it with new customers, they make up for it with micro transactions, they make up for it using “great deals” (relatively speaking).

It can feel sucky, but its the reality of the current state of the game.

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Look at the long view of others who went down this path. They made some money in the short term only to watch people get frustrated and leave. Do you know if anyone who still plays Farmville?

They better cash out big by selling before their greed drives people off in large numbers. There is a window for the strategy. And once its opened the only ways out are selling off or closing up shop.

Yeah, but there is no “long view” in mobile gaming. I’m assuming they’re already working on something new. But I’m cynical by nature haha!

And now we’re way off topic too!

Anyways, I hope you keep playing and find a balance for your gameplay in E&P, if not best of luck in the mobile online gaming jungle out there! :slight_smile:

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It’s interesting that you claim there is nothing random, while others complain that RNG plagues them.

Factually, you are simply wrong about some points:

  • detailed study has shown no bias in starting boards. Stones' colour distribution is NOT random in raids
  • targets are quasi random, as evidenced by the fact that all minions do not target the same hero. It appears that the targeting AI intentionally includes some “error”
  • when opposing hero’s hit is completely re is a countdown timer that shows you when the slash attack will occur, and the mana bar shows when a special will fire. Hint: if you time the mana feed to a hero carefully, the special attack will displace the slash attack.
  • daily summons drop 3* heroes and troops. I just drew Kailani yesterday. The odds are shown under the “i” icon in the summons.
  • to get 4* and 5* heroes, build TC20. They’ll come popping out for free. Accumulate gems from free sources to make occasional summons or higher-value uses.

I’ve made no claim about starting boards at all. My point is the overall occurance of stone color when stacking heroes. Can you share the approach of your “extensive study” with relevant statistics you captured? And did you also look at overall stone color distribution through one encounter, or simply just compare starting boards alone?

“Quasi” random is, by definition, NOT random. So I will take your response on that point as confirmation of my hypothesis. The AI targets heroes through some non-random means.

Your response on defending hero timer completely misses the points being raised. The specials are going off ahead of the timers. I frequently see specials go off IN THE FIRST ROUND, especially when I fight the same heroes on my team. This occurs independent of the times. But since you brought up the issue of timers, you can easily tie this to the issue around stone distribution. Since stone distribution is suspect, meaning the AI seems to do some sort of calculation in favor of the defender which is most noticeable when stacking same colors, it would logically follow that the same AI could slow the occurance of colors which fill the highest powered heroes on the attacker. And since defending heroes rely on a timer rather than stone distribution, this would add to the more frequent specials going off that the attackers ability to fill mana for specials.

I especially appreciate you recommending attempts to time the mana feed since this is exactly why I posted my points. Attempting to time your mana is what gets heroes with specials ready to fire attacked first. Again, you answer the wrong question by recommending the very thing people find suspicuous.

I will have to take your word on 3,4,5* hero drops since I clearly cant tell you that you are wrong. What I can do is say that in a year of game play the only time i have seen a drop higher than 2* is my first round of heroes, and when I buy a bundle. Then again, I’m not a mod and I dont work for the company.

The timer has nothing to do with when a special fires, so I have no idea what you are trying to say here. If a special fires in the first round, its because you managed to get enough tiles on the opponent that you filled their mana pool, but not enough to kill them. Once the mana pool is full that hero will fire.

I get three stars on a regular basis from daily summons. Not once a week, but more than once a month.


Wow. This should not be that hard to understand. The DEFENDER’S specials will fire on the first round. Not the attackers.

I’m very happy you get 3*'s so frequently. But that simply takes me back to my original question. How can another person not draw one in a years time? I guess we could call it bad luck.

Highly suspicious bad luck…

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