Raid system is broken


I’ve noticed since the last update that the raid system seems to gave changed dramatically. Whatever changed, there seems to be an extreme advantage to the defender. I am now winning almost every raid against me, and losing almost every raid I make including revenges.

Along with this I am noticing that specials for the defender are firing way to rapidly. I’ve been tracking this for the last two days since I’ve noticed this and found that most raids will have specials start to go off in round two or three, and then at least one special will go off every round after that. Most of the time multiple specials are firing each round. Today I raised a player with 4 of the same 5 heroes. The defenders specials went off twice for every one of mine.

I am bringing this forward to see what, if any response will be offered from the DeVos. Considering the number of threads I’ve read through with topics like this, I cant say I’m too optimistic of any response. It seems these days as long as those microtransactions keep coming in, which by the way is the only way to actually get a 4 or 5* with a greater than 1% roll chance for daily summons, there does not seem to be much interest In game balance for pvp.

If this has become just another free to play, play to win cash cow… just tell us so we know what to expect. Maybe you should call Zenga and just cash out.


I haven’t noticed any difference and there was nothing about it in the release notes.

Have you improved your defence (in which case, great job👍) or jumped or dropped a tier maybe?


It is normal to be raided while you are online???
I had titan (3 flags) and before that I was on season 2…so, at the moment (6 min ago) I was online. How’s that?


Sometimes a raid was in progress when you logged in; you only get the message about it after the raid is resolved and you’re at a neutral screen (e.g. not fighting a titan).


My troop levels are all maxed for my keep level.

Not sure about my tier. But the people attacking me, and who I am attacking are the same as a month ago.

There just does not seem to be any discernable balance to the raids any more.


Raids are an absolute joke and really need to be fixed but the Devs have no clue how to fix it that’s why they added the shields as just another way to scam people out of their money just another lame band-aid and an excuse to ignore all the raid threads


I’ve noticed that if you have the same character than the team your versing, they always do a lot more damage than you, like 150-200 more. Even if they are on the same level. The attack stats are a slight difference but always seem to do a lot better.


There’s an unlisted defender bonus which bumps things up by 20-25%, to help make up for the attacker’s advantages with team selection and (theoretical) hero fighting management using an IQ higher than a retarded rock like the defense AI uses.


Why am I unable to raid someone in the top 100 whilst they are online?


you can revenge a top 100 player anytime but not attack when they are online


Raid system is the same for me and works great.


Since when was that the case? I’ve been top 100 before and been raided during a raid only to lose more cups I gained during the raid after I won.


I haven’t noticed any change, still massive advantage to being an attacker. I use same team every time (laziness) and win percentage is somewhere in the 80-90% range. Crappy boards main factor. A few extra losses due to troop difference and being stubborn (dang you Yunan for using your special twice in a row while being under 50 health).


Koth ha kee kong
โคตรห่า ขี้โกง


I have noticed in a couple raids that thespecial dont match the hero. Im seeing heros do tricks they arnt designed to do. Really. Whats up???


Yeah, and the RNG for the boards when you are stacking your team…

Notice how a team with 3 purple + 2 blue heroes get:
3 purple shields
5 blue shields
6 green shields
9 yellow shields
11 red shields
In the end i could match 6 purple shields in that match and I had 6 straight raiding losses because of similar boards to play. I made a red diamond in that game, cleared out more than 10 red with it and got 10 new red shields… Is that RNG?! No, its already predetermined that you will loose that game!!!
Same with titans… I can go in and make a 50-60k hit and the next hit is 5k because I just don’t get any tiles that match my hero stacks (I usually play 2+2+1 or 3+2)!?


It seems that some mysterious occurence has happened and put Yunan into your tank position since you have started to win enemy raids :wink: :wink:

There’s no other explanation


The question of RNG on the tiles has been extensively discussed here:

TL;DR: starting boards are random


While I am overwhelmed by the response from the devs on these threads (not), I thought I would add one more observation to the (ignored) list. How is it the opposing team heroes ALWAYS hit the attacking hero with fill stamina. Seems quite coincidental that the hero that gets hit is the one with a special ready to fire.

Fix your ■■■■.


If I were running my defense myself, I’d try to hit the opponent with a ready special in the hopes of killing it first. Frustrating as it is after a day of getting just that happening to me in nearly every raid, I can’t really fault the AI for accidentally showing a sense of strategy once in a while.