Raid system appears broken



I have been playing this for about a week. Every time I try and raid someone I find that they are way above me in level.

Their team power might be within 200 or so of mine but whereas I have all non-ascended heroes between level 5 and 14, I am being paired with people who have five heroes who are ascended to the 2nd, 3rd or 4th chevron and/or have levels closer to 30. So when I do raid, I am promptly and unceremoniously defeated with little effort.

I am sure that there is some strategy to this but when their basic attacks can one shot most of my heroes I am not sure how this is considered balanced in any way shape, or form.

Also tried re rolling about 5 times the one time and same thing kept happening. I kept being ranked against people whose power was several times my own.

What is going on here?



The RAID system is based on cups. The more cups you have usually the stronger opponents. If you are facing more stronger opponents it just means you are not ready to face them yet. Try leveling your heroes.


There is zero point in this game to raiding other than chests. you want to make it as easy as possible to get your 2 chests a day from raids. You can’t do that if you are growing your cups, you want to reduce your cups as much as possible. My defense team is a single 1* and I try to keep my cups as close to zero as possible. The two chests a day are a walk in the park this way.