Raid Stat Anomaly’s

So I’ve been noticing lately that in

raids, the opponent always seems to have higher attack/defense even with identical heroes… at first I thought maybe I was missing a buff that boosted or what not but this one proves it to me. I screenshotted before a tile was sent, and what I saw was problematic to me. Any explanations?

The Hero card does not take into effect the troop that is attached to the Hero which will increase the base stats. If you look at your own heroes you will see similar changes


There’s a 20% defense and attack buff for heroes on Defense, and you need to take into account the Troop on each hero.


Wow. I never knew that ! Learn something new everyday :+1:


It’s actually not directly visible in the stats, but can be inferred from the damage done and taken by defense heroes.


I’ve always wondered about this. Why don’t they say somewhere in the game that this is the case?


The direct damage calculations are one thing… like, people on the forums have done the math (yourself included!), so we actually do know that the damage calc is affected by these 20% buffs, but it would be impossible to know that without having done all that data collection and analysis (the existence of which, most players probably aren’t even aware). So the direct damage buff (and direct damage defense buff) that’s applied to the raid defense heroes (and war defense heroes too, for that matter, right?) is kind of hidden to probably 99% of players.

HOWEVER: Damage-over-time also gets this 20% buff, and results in the enemy heroes’ DOT effects doing more damage per turn than the game even says they will when you hold your finger on one of the enemy heroes during an active raid. Seems like the sort of thing that should be explicitly explained in-game, IMO!


Same reason they don’t just publish the damage equation outright? But what that reason is, is a mystery to me.


Haha, yeah, sounds about right. See my edit above by the way, in case you didn’t by the time you replied. (I think I published the edit after you posted your response.)

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Thanks for pointing me back at it! I had missed the edit. I suspect the issue is, there’s not enough stat line to explain the reasoning behind the decision in a tooltip.

The majority of players, I believe, feel that raiding is reasonably easy. But for those who feel that raiding is too hard already, seeing a tooltip line with an extra 20% attack and 20% defense for raid defenses would probably feel like a slap in the face.


Yeah, I was thinking that too. [shrug] Oh well.


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