Raid Shields defying the purpose of a leaderboard



:joy::rofl::rofl::rofl: Yes, in hindsight, I should have prefaced that comment with “aside from the blindingly obvious, …”


The longer those guys have the shields, the greater the time gap before they can use the next one. Assuming one uses a shield for 7 days, he or she will have 7 days of open season on themselves. Not to mention they can’t raid for those 7 days. At best is getting a few days of bragging rights before getting pummeled down again.

I personally hover around 2400-2600 so I don’t give a rats a** about the shield as long I can fill my chest.


So, this is how the leaderboard looks like at the moment! Not much fun actually @mhalttu. Instead of decreasing the amount of cups per raid to make climbing the leaderboard a longer way and decrease the Fluktuation, you now help people stay there by paying money…


Can we please just make it so that the shields don’t work in the top hundred? If you can be revenged while being online up there you should not be able to protect your rank with a shield.


So you can’t attack them and get even fooled placing that defence.

Not cute at all.


Here one of my friends he has thr shield and got attaked… So until now I don’t know how it works


Seen this comin. Great idea devs. Wish i could tag everyone that said “leaderboard wont be effected, you guys are overreacting” :joy::joy:


People who have a shield up should be removed from the leader board entirely. That should fix most of the troubles.


Why have a revenge option? If not active for top 100 then also not for revenges. Someone hits me and then puts up a shield in hopes that they run through my watchtower so i cant hit them back. Why is this important? Because if someone hits them, they can revenge, but they also get the freedom to hit others with no consequence down the line. I hope this gets changed.


They cant Revenge without braking their Shield.


You can revenge someone, who have shield on. Meaning that every player, that you have attacked before buing that shield can attack you back. But no one new can attack you.


That has not been experience. When I tried to revenge someone that had a shield up, I was given a message stating that was why I could not revenge attack. I waited until morning and the shield had apparently expired and was able to get my trophies back


Weird, since I bought the shield last week one time, since I made my own new record and my team was revenged during that time.


Either I’m missing something or that should be reported as a bug. Seems like I read last week about bugs with shields.


I doubt it matters, but the revenge I couldn’t take due to shields being up was against a top 100 team. And they were showing as offline


I was in rank 4 then. Top100 players can even be attacked, when they are online. Maybe it was a bug.


Yeah that sux to spend gems on shields and then they not work correctly.


I haven’t figured it out of exactly how it works but you definitely can revenge vs a shielded player. There are times I’ll get the “you can’t attack this target cause they have an active shield” but I’ll just revenge another person or run a map zone and click on them waiting to get through and eventually I do get a chance to revenge.
I still don’t mind people using shields to sit high on the leaderboards mainly cause I see how the raid system works up there and it’s seriously broken and very busy. You log off up there for 20 minutes and you’ll come back to 2500’s if you don’t have a solid defense or in my case you’ll have about 15 - 20 attacks.
SG really needs to decide if revenges are part of the shield or not tho.


Friend made it way up in ranks yesterday. Activated shield. Didnt get revenged once and he said normally he gets revenged quite a bit. He thinks shield blocked revenges too. Idk.


JimMe, is it possible their raid shield simply expired?