Raid Shields defying the purpose of a leaderboard

@Petri Currently, the individual in the No 1 Spot (not Zero or JimMe) is shielded and thus preventing attacks. Is this the goal… Drop 500 gems on raid flasks get to a high spot then another 1,000 gems to solidify it for a week?

And lock yourself out from raiding for a bit of vanity? There’s is NO benefit besides vanitynof being #1, and I would rather keep filling my raid chest than staring at myself atop the leaderboard.


You have always been far more reasonable than me…

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I don’t remember anyone asking for this anywhere. You can have whatever feeling you have but no players, beta, top or other are behind this. You get nothing for being high on the leaderboard so why would you pay for shields? That does not make any sense at all.

We will never see 4000 cups.

For those of you wondering if raid shields were ever suggested by a player, here is the original thread. This was later copied into the 2nd thread for consideration.

Hahaha yes this is what appears the shield is all about. Why people are so passionate about a pointless and skilless pvp system is hard to comprehend for me… Thanks zombie people who spend $$ to think their good at something and shame on you SG for exploiting these poor souls.

Where’s the real content?? Why is season 2 cockblocked? Why so many useless heroes? Guinevere, Guinivere Guinivere yawwwn… This is what we get… shields for raids… these devs sure have their priorities set for the benefit of the game huh.

So what, exactly, will be the point of a defence team? Now you can protect your cups… :confused:

regardless of raid shield, you should be allowed to be revenged.


I am one of those people that I like to play to occasionally step on the top.

This theme of the shields, it does not seem fair to me if the top 100 is shielded.

Remove the list of the top 100, and since eliminated the Raids of the game lost all their meaning.

We all know that if you leave 7 days on vacation and lose 500 cups, you can take 4 or 5 days to recover them.

The cups do not go away forever, the cups come and go.

The cups are for people who play on a daily basis!


Here are some photos of my little adventure. I raided to #2 within six cups of #1 and put on a shield for a few minutes. I changed my team to show my respect for the leaderboard as is now :joy:. The other top 5 players all had been logged off for 2-6 hours so it is very likely that most or all had shields. I couldn’t find someone to raid who had more cups than I did due to these shields.

This is a mockery of a leaderboard! Imagine if I put a 7 day shield on…

My suggestion stands - set a limit, raid shields of 24 hours and 7 days need to have cup limits or top 100 limits.

Another interesting idea from my alliance mate is for people with shields not to appear in the leaderboard then emerge with their trophies intact


Today’s stupid question, but where does it say who is under shield protection? :roll_eyes:


No one would last that long at the top without getting raided. You can stay up for a while but most of the time you will be down 100 or more cups within two hours and you’ll definitely be wiped out in 4-5 hours

Nuuuu I want a 7 month shield not a 7 day shield.
People wanna use a shield up high, let them, they aren’t hurting anyone. The raid system is set up so you rise fast and fall fast. It’s ironic that a while back a guy wouldn’t log off and held #1 for days and it upset so many players it forced SG to introduce live revenges in the top 100. I guess it’s different if you spend gems to do the same thing.
It’s ridiculous being in the top 10 anyway. You log off for 20 minutes and log back in to see almost 20 attacks and at +10 - +15 for wins and - 45 to -50 your defense has 0 chance to hold cups.
I’ll never buy a shield but if people wanna spend gem for them it’s fine by me, I just wish they would actually fix the raid issues that have been complained about since the beginning of the game rather than offer shields for gems tho.


Thank you JimMe for pointing that out. The never ending stream of whining threads about defence raid losses is truly mind-numbing, but a top ranked player saying that will (hopefully) stem the tide.

You Sir win the internet.
This exactly shows what are their priority.

Really would like to know from @Brobb (that like to raid but probably never buy a single shield) what she thinks about it.

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I hate that shield already so much, than I thinking about deleting this game. All top100 already has that on. I reach top100 almost every day and yesterday too. And there were noone above me, which I could raid, no challange, no more +40 trophies and if you don’t buy that shield you team is under attack more than before. Soon there will be alliances, which boost their ranking with this, that cooling period isn’t helping much. Only 4 hours off and then you can buy it again. Leaderboard is joke after that both alliance and player. Trophies in player leaderboar has already increases. Soon you can’t get there without buing more attacks. There should be some limit like 2500trophies and after that you can’t buy that or your trophies can decrease to that.

How do you think those people feel about their trophies when you’re attacking at a +50 -10 or + 45 - 15?
The raid shield is the wrong approach to the problem as it will make it much worse for those without the shield. 2700+ cups the raids are very active and all the players can pretty much beat each other so I honestly wouldn’t worry much about your cup rank and just fill your raid chest daily.
The game has been moving to P2P so much and this is just another step.
I’ve bought my share, your share and a few other peoples shares of gems and probably shouldn’t be the one talking about P2P but I don’t like seeing it as the large majority of the community doesn’t pay or buys sparingly that I want them to be able to accomplish things and be competitive but those days are disappearing each update unfortunately.

I like the idea of the raid shields but the way it is implemented now is bad for the game.

Since there seems only to be a concern for the top ranks, shields should not be usable beginning with the top 1000 or 500 or 250 maybe.

This way the shields would be used for what they are hopefully meant for and the leaderboards would stay dynamic.

win/win situation. :wink:

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Oh, it would be hilarious - in a not funny sense - if this was the actual request referred to! :smiley:

  • Suggested just 15 days ago.
  • 0 votes.
  • OP even recognizing it as an idea ‘probably more for the devs to make money’.

It’s even titled ‘Shield from Raids’!

The post got 1 comment, stating that it would be a bad idea if those shields could be bought. Which the original poster agreed on. And that’s the end of that thread.

I need some coffee…


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