Raid Shields defying the purpose of a leaderboard

Raid shields have an important balance in their design. Here’s the spec:

So while you have the shield up, you can’t be raided or raid. So if you’re willing to give up filling your raid chest, you can shield your trophies.

The people I know who covet trophies also enjoy raiding. This balanced design should prevent most abuse.


Leave it to this forum to have a meltdown type complaining fest 10 minutes after something is released with virtually no real world testing to see it’s effects. It’s much less stressful to just get into Line groups than read all these threads these days.


They are doing mistake. Not enough information in first place. Second - release update first and only then put update notes publicly.

Biggest problem is that communication between developers and players are so poor. Be honest, there is no real communication. We have to figure out everything on ourselves.

They really need some person who explains stuff more. Secrets, secrets, secrets. No wonder why people are complaining and sometimes thinking wrong direction.

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This is how most products work. They are called release notes because they are distributed with the release.

Many of these features were previewed in an update to the Frequently Requested Items thread a week or so ago (including the raid shield). I’d call that real communication.


Welcome back :tada: :cookie:

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Thanks @hazard for pointing out to this topic. Here it says

New ways to get ascension materials . The upcoming War Chest will include a chance for ascension materials, but we’re also working on raiding-related new feature which will likely add a new way to get ascension materials

So that could be a reason for shielding as well.

Show me info about cooldown… Maybe I missed it but I definitely did not see talks about it. Cooldown changes things a lot. 7 days shield, 7 days cooldown. Cooldown was mentioned but not explained.

I believe that the petition and the implanted are two different things. One thing is a shield in case you go on vacation or you have a long breakdown and you can not play, do not take everything without being able to replace and another, very different, is to have a variable shield to your liking, so you do not attack in the critical hours. In addition, the petition requested a limit to make it exceptional, for emergencies, this is a tool to maintain trophies.

Sorry @Builderbooo, I just don’t see it as SG’s responsibility to share every detail of every new feature with the community, have us vet it and give feedback, and have them take it all into account.

This is their product. This is a new feature. It is optional. Why is figuring it out for yourself a bad thing? They have provided some information in advance, detailed information in the release notes, and even so we will all need to decide for ourselves if the new feature is of value to us.

I don’t personally think it’s likely that I will use the raid shield. But I’ll keep an open mind about it to see how it shakes out.


Scroll few posts up, there’s a screenshot. Raid Shields defying the purpose of a leaderboard

So basically, you can be locked however long you want, let’s say 12 days. Then it expires, so you can’t be shielded for 12 days from that moment on.

Another thing, let’s say you buy for 7 days - and then raid 3rd day. I read this as - cooldown is now 3 days and your protection gone forever.
However, it can be also that your 4 unused days are saved and when you are permitted for next protection, it may automatically continue or it can be activated manually or with buying new shield,
That par is not clear.

Also, if you buy a lot of them, like several months worth, then your trophies are saved. And when it expires, for the same months you can’t protect again.

In short - whales can be untouchable indefinitely, so I think they will put some restriction for maximum allowed time at once. @Petri can you clarify this maybe even now?

Also, will this player be attackable or completely removed from matching but shown on leaderboard?

Maybe shields that protect you from falling out of current arena would be better solution?

Or removing them from leaderboard completely, but use this saving as when they return that they can continue where they left off.

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I’ll drop my cups to 1 and buy this shield for a life time :slight_smile: lol

Easy fix.

Raid shield active = you do not show up on leaderboards.

They stated the purpose was to save cups while you are away.

So they could also add “if you are active in the last 24 hours, no raid shield.”


They said - if you raid, shield is not valid. They just didn’t say what happens with bought days.

Also, they did said it’s cup protection, we jumped to conclusion that leaderboard will be chaos. Does anybody have info from beta how it worked, is the person whose shield is active, visible on leaderboard?

If yes, I think that should be removed, and also, such person should be under attack, so the opponent can win/lose cups on them, however, protected person’s cups won’t be affected.

What would that be ? It’s all perception as far as I’m concerned… But maybe that’s enough for some ? Or I truly could be missing something altogether…

Enough value to make some players BUY their spot ?

I actually assumed that @sleeperZ96BT meant “There’s NO tangible benefit…”. My brain automatically added the NO.

Also, how does that affect alliance score… If you get a bunch of players pushing cups and shielding themselves they could essentially lock in a certain alliance score couldn’t they ? Why they would do that and how expensive that could get is a different story…

Hahaha, mine too but I just wanted to make sure in case he really meant it, then I’m really curious. I’m sorry @sleeperZ96BT I didn’t ask to put you in the spot in a negative way…

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Maybe those on vacation should be removed from that score as well? :thinking:

I think that’s too restrictive. If I’ve got limited time or connectivity, I might do a little farming, but raiding requires more time and focus. The restriction they’ve put in place seems right to me: if you initiate a raid, the shield drops.

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Just a bit of clarification please:
A shielded player CANNOT be raided?

So in (a highly unlikely) theory, every player could shield themselves and raiding would be a thing of the past?

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