Raid Shields defying the purpose of a leaderboard

Raid Shields added to Resources Shop

  • Raid Shields allow you to keep your trophies safe in case you’re away from the game for a longer time.


When I first heard of this (in beta) I was at a loss for words. Then a lot of words came to me, but I think most of them are against forum rules. Anyway.

I think this is a bad idea. We have a leaderboard. You get on (and off) the leaderboard by raiding and getting raided. The leaderboard is a representation of doing good. Or having luck. Buying a spot does what to a leaderboards representation?

(And a side note: as an alliance’s collecteed cup score is part of the alliance rating - how will this be affected by people paying for cup protection? Like in - who will pay for it. Yes, this have to be seen.)

As the leaderboard got pretty static, the raid mechanics was changed - you can now raid the top 100 even while they are online. How will paying for cup protection affect the dynamics of the leaderboard?

Maybe this doesn’t matter. Like, what the ■■■■ matters anyway. It’s just a leaderboard. You get nothing for being there. I just find the idea provocative, as I see it contradicting with the whole idea of having a (dynamic) leaderbord: representative of performance. Rather than just buying a spot. Yes yes yes - I’m aware it’s not a spot/position, but a cup score, which you have to reach in the first place, and that the position you get in the leaderboard is relative to other players cup scores - but come on - you know what I mean.

Maybe this is what’s actually pissing me off. That word. Payment. Who’s this idea for, really?

Apart from contributing to my alliance cup score and occasionally rising to the top(-ish), I see no real value of raiding in the top 100. Well, that’s not actually true - I like to meet a hard opposition, and you mostly get that at that level (please accept this alliteration).

Having people paying for a position just drains the ■■■■■■■ will to compete for me.

I find my strong reaction rather interesting. I think it’s (of course) partly because of the idea being contraproductive and defying the idea of a leaderboard in the first place, but mainly because I find it being symptomatic for a strategic model - from both a game and business perspective - I find problematic, to say the least.


I totally agree to you. Raid Shield is madness. Course I don’t know who we can blame for raid shields idea but somehow I have a feeling that top players are behind this idea. It doesn’t matter. Fun is stolen.

Always wanted to reach top 1 (8th spot is my current best). Even for just few minutes. Now it is impossible goal. Definitely will not buy these shields.

With the shield raid coming - there might be new game coming soon that force people getting this shield raid system. I know that’s 1 game that’s similar using this type of shield to get certain loot within a period of time. N ppl r spending $$ to hold their lead. Definitely they r thinking of better way to milk those Players who willing to play.

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I wish everyone would stop blaming “top players”. I spend occasional times in the top 10 and even at the top and I started a thread in beta saying that raid shields should not work if you are in the top 100. The example I used was my high trophy count of 3107 - it would be wrong to have someone up there for 24 hours. Imagine a dozen people like that

This idea was implemented by SG and not through the request of players as far as I know

I may not be a true top player, but Zero is and he argued for real competition to Guin and other things that are good for all players not just spenders


Ok thanks for information.

While I am not anywhere near the Top 100 - I agree with you 100%. I don’t even understand what idea is behind this implementation. The leaderboard needs to be dynamic. What use is it, if people can ‘buy’ their spot, even if just for a period of time?
And, since cups also contribute to the alliance score - which in turn determines the place on the alliance leaderboard - it would also interfere with the dynamics of the alliance leaderboard.

Might as well ditch the leaderboards altogether…

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People will buy it. Especially the ones who complain about losing cups, which sadly is a pretty common complaint.


It is possible this idea came to SG through the very big number of threads in this forum complaining of losing cups. None of those complaints came from top players, from my knowledge, generally from players trying to get into diamond, or trying to stay in Platinum

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I’m at a loss for words for this sort of fkry, quite embarrassing on SGs part…
What’s next ? For 100,000 gems you can spend a weekend hanging out in top 10, experience what being a top 10 feels like… Because you know, that’s really important to some folk… While you’re at it, why don’t you add a new feature on the store and charge 100 to change the color of the frame on our avatars… For 50 gems we can change the color of their eyes… And for a whopping 1,000 our names can light up on the leaderboards so every knows our ranking…


Exactly what i had in mind. But i get enough backlash so let someone else take the wheel on that thought lol

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I just don’t care what people think so there… But this is just getting out control… We’re already spending small fortunes playing this game (in general) you have a lot of dedicated people who don’t mind a little spending here and there but SG needs to do much better than this… Listen I love the game, I’m not going going stop playing because of this but it’s really frustrating to see where their efforts are being directed when there’s a slew of other things that can really benefit the user experience…


100% agreed

Twenty char…

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Raid shields must be by a long shot (in my own opinion) the most idiotic change that has been developed.

Granted some will think it is mana from the heavens, but I for the life of me cant see anyone willing to spend on this especially at those costs.

This has got two options:

  1. Make SGG no money
  2. Make SGG a boatload of money

If it is #2, I must seriously start studing the human mental mind, cause apparently then all my studies in pchycology meant abosultely nothing.


I have a feeling we are going to see platinum full of 4100 teams.

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Currently there is no real benefit of being in top 100 but could be they are planning something. If so then Raid Shields are logical step.

But a raid shileld doesn’t protect your spot on the leaderboard…
It protects your cups… but other palyers still can get more cups and replace you …


if someone can raid themselves up to 3000+ cups and stays there for a week, it does. Someone like that will stay easily within the Top10. Also it affect you not getting your raid chest filled, but I can see a troll doing that.
I guess, a Raid shield should not be possible for someone who is in the Top100 to use…



You are gaining cups mostly by attacking other people and mostly loosing cups when somebody else is attacking you. If you can protect yourself from attacks then it helps to increase your cups. Currently top players have around 3000 cups. Soon we will see 4000 cups. Gaps between teams will be much bigger.

The shield will be only activated if you are not raiding yourself though.

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