Raid shield


Wondering if any one knows what is the cool down period on the Raid shields?
How is it used?


Raid shields are activated as soon as you buy them. They are deactivated if you raid (or revenge) while they are up. The cool down period equals the shield’s duration; if you buy the 7-day shield, then it has a 7-day cool down.


Yes… But what, exactly, is the “cool down period”???


Can’t reactivate a raid shield for that same time period?


And as of the latest version, you can’t use a raid shield if you have over 2600 cups.


A “cool down period” is a period when you cannot buy (and activate) another raid shield.


If u use 4 7-day shields…
Am I shielded for 28 days???

If so, is the “cool down period” 7 days, or 28 days???


Dunno. I won’t be finding out either. :smiley:


I think it’s 28 days. According to what I have read, they’re cumulative


We need more Lemon Pledge…


Yep, but you’d also be precluded from raiding during those 28 days. No Heroes Wanted chests. Worth it? Nah.


I agree. Not worth it for me