Raid shield didn’t work

As the description says, shield is removed when you initiate a raid. Are you sure you didn’t attack anyone after purchasing that shield?


Are you in the top 100? Raid shield doesn’t not work in that case? I didn’t think you could purchase them however?

Actually you can’t purchase raid shield when you reach 2600 cups, it doesn’t depend on your position on the leaderboard.


Nope diffinately not in the top 100 and trophies were barely over 2400

definately didn’t attack. I bought the shield because I was 2 hero’s from completing a chest in diamond. Couldn’t keep my eyes opened long enough to wait for the next flag. Woke up. Went to the game and found those attacks. A while later my alarm went off reminding me that I needed to attack before the shield expired.

You should definitely submit a support ticket. They’ll be able to help you. Here’s how to do that:


Thank you. I actually clicked support and this is as close as I could get to it. I’ll try again.

A bit offtopic, but spending 50 gems just to open chest in diamond instead of platinum doesn’t sound like a good business. I’ve been opening only diamond chests for months and the loot is very similar, maybe more trainers.


Sounds like you clicked the “Report a Bug” button rather than the “Support” button. The “Support” button will get you to the Small Giant support website.


Thank you it took me to the right place this time. They sure make you jump through hoops to get to leave a message.

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Your absolutely right but I was fricken tired of getting outrageously attacks that booted me out if diamond. Going through a phase where they keep offering me up and giving people 45 trophies to attack me and only offer me powerful teams for 15 trophies. I’m sure it will change again but it gets old.

Thanks @grzechol, I thought it was something along those lines. Appreciate the clarification :+1:

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That is the way the math works at the high PvP ratings.


Click for details


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It seems like it’s been that way for quite a while, so my guess is it isn’t changing any time soon. I’m glad you managed to make it to the right place finally.

Good luck. I hope they can sort out what happened, and, assuming the issue is on their end, sort you out with a bit of compensation.

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You mean people actually but raid shields?


It appears so? Seems rather unfair to me but who am I to judge?

Wrong thread for that particular debate gents. This one is for them not working right :slight_smile:

This is related. People not playing right as they’re trying to use raid shields.

People also buy iron and ham refills to upgrade their buildings faster than others. Unfair? Not really :man_shrugging:

This is exactly the debate I was hoping to head off. #general-discussion is here, and #ideas-feature-requests is here. They are both reasonable venues for a debate. Further posts here on the merits, fairness, utility, wisdom, or expense of raid shields will be considered off-topic.

Posts attempting to help the OP with their issue are always welcome. The OP has a reasonable expectation that they can ask for help on some misbehaving feature of the game without having to justify or debate the use of that feature.

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