Raid shield can't prevent revenge?


Notice the time left on shield duration. We know that it had been active nearly for 30 minutes. Got a revenge 21 minutes ago.


I had 5 opponents hit me last night and couldn’t revenge any of them. I think if you raid it should STOP new opponent attacks but not STOP revenge attacks. If you attack me I should have every chance to revenge you. The shield is not supposed to be used to make you safe after you raid me


Then what’s the point of the shield? LOL.


It’s a crap edition to the game and the quicker it gets taken off, or players stop using it, the better.
Win or lose on your own strengths; don’t hide behind a gimmick.


It says ‘enemy’s revenge’, Not ‘enemy’s raid’… its a RAID shield, not a REVENGE shield


There was some discussion over in the beta boards with the devs about whether to allow revenge attacks while still under a raid shield. The consensus there was, if they’re going to leave the raid shields at all, they should allow revenges. I was a vocal proponent of that change.

Why? Attack/revenge is a cycle. You attack me, I earn a revenge against you. Short-circuiting that cycle is like those horrible playground games where, as long as someone is touching a certain pole, they can’t be “it”. Everyone just stands there, holding onto the pole.

Let’s not go there. If you attack, expect a revenge. If they’ve changed it so that the shield just protects you from coming up as a randomly offered battle, so much the better.

1 Day Shield

One of our members was attacked and couldn’t do a revenge because the attacker had activated a shield after his raids. Our member is so furious right now that he is about to leave the game. So PLEASE tell me that this is just a bug! Because when raid shields also prevent revenges then anyone could burn through several flasks to get to the top and then put a shield on and laughs his rear off while no one he attacked can revenge him. I fear that this would cause many good players who are under attack frequently to quit the game.


Great. The topic has gone from a bug happening related to what the shield is supposed to do to a discussion about the ethics of the opportunity to revenge.

Stay on track!


Semantics. You know the feature includes a block from revenge and yet it wasn’t 100% working.

I know it includes blocking of revenge because for hours, that was the only revenge I had gotten.

Also, for all missing the point of the topic, please stay on the bug discussion not the ethical discussion, you can rub your moral high grounds somewhere else.


And yet there are cooldowns. Quite a long, proportional one too.

I still think it’s a good addition. People just get pissed that they cannot revenge.

Also, people are biased in responding to the original question. It WASN’T that I didn’t expect to get revenged after I raided.

It WAS I didn’t expect to get a revenge after using a feature that is supposed to prevent that from happening. Because the expectation was just not it.

So, stay focus on the bug. Ethical discussion can be discussed on another place, which I’m sure many has been reserved to do just that.


And peeps, you CAN always reroll. Not the end of the world. You CAN always go back after 4 hours most likely if doing a revenge really means that much to you. :wink:


But what exactly is the bug? The revenges that come through despite the shield being active? Or the revenges that get prevented by the shield? It seems that nobody can give a clear answer to this :thinking:


I’m going to pause this conversation, and I’m boosting the signal using the moderator chat. I’ll find out if this is bug or design, and then will report back here. I’m uncertain if we’ll get a developer response before Monday business hours (Finland).




Is it possible that the enemy Raid was initiated before the Raid Shield was activated. Please submit a support request so we can investigate this further!