Raid Scoring Changes

Raids are great fun and I love seeing who raided me and how they fared when I open up the app in the morning.

However, I think that the scoring could be changed to reward a good defense. I.e. if someone needs 3 attempts to beat you, this should give you zero or positive cups (instead of quite a large loss). At the moment I feel like a good defense is not being rewarded if it gets beaten on the third attempt.

What does anyone else think?

At the least the cups gained by the opponent should decrease each time.

say 40 1st, 30 2nd, 20 3rd…something to that effect.

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Hmm. When I attack someone with high cups (say over 40+) and I lose the first two attempts, I must pay out cups each time I lose. So if I lose twice, and win once, my net total might be in the 15-20 cup range, not 40, taking into account my previous losses.

I think the current system is fair. How do you envision a better system? :slight_smile:


That makes sense. I don’t attack anyone more than once and don’t really worry about revenges too much either.

So i guess you win 40 then they revenge twice and lose you gain another 20 say, then the third time they win and you lose 40. So you net a +20.

That is pretty fair. That is why your a moderator you think of all these things :slight_smile:

PS. It is good to be back. My work blocked the forum and I didn’t have my computer for 6 months. In that time I was kicked out of an E&P facebook group because the mods there think they are gods and I called them out. Haha.

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Glad you are back! Let me see if I can post a visual:

As you can see, even though I won the last revenge attempt, I still lost more cups than I won.

The system is balanced, imho. :wink:


fair enough. That sucks though haha.

That is why I prefer the forum over the facebook groups. You all are very unbiased as hard as it may be sometimes and do a great job!

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I feel like this happens when my team is on the defending side, rather than when I attack for several times. I’ll post a screenshot later. Need to actually be off the game for that to happen so it might take a while😄

I tend to think it either means they brought the wrong team twice or were plagued by bad boards the first 2 times.

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You also lost cups from them raiding you to give you the revenge opportunity too.

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Gack! Don’t remind me! :joy:


Maybe he lost first two as well for a net loss :innocent:

Gained 27 cups from 2 wins and lost 50 on last try… good for him I guess… but it is hard to take raids seriously when you see this.

Thankfully I mostly care about the hero chest and not my actual cup count.

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Agree —

Wars too …

You practically have a line of Rockettes to announce your damage scores —

But the couple of players with the maxed ‘rebar & cement’ family required your opponent to use 5 flags to kill once doesn’t even get a footnote…

You notice them when they take a war off and things seem … harder :slight_smile:

I would base rewards according to power difference and not cups difference… Cups difference rewards Cup Droppers and makes raid system a non sense…However base the rewards in cup difference and not power is an effective way to make some players to believe they need stronger heroes to be competitive which results in more pulls and then more money…

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