Raid rewards feel awful

This week since the update I decided to climb to gold tier in arena (I have a 2572 defense team and have been floating around 1000 trophies for about a month) since resources rewarded are now based on trophies. It’s absolutely terrible. Now I’m fighting 2850-3250 teams for 8k ham after 10 re-rolls because it keeps matching me with 3400 teams and gold tier gives some 8-7 mats and 3 gems in the chest…

It was bad enough being constantly raided in silver and fighting over beans. I don’t see a bit of difference between bronze and gold chests. Should I just drop back to bronze to clear my chests? I’m sick of spending food to find a fair match to fill a chest with junk in hopes of an elemental chest in replacement.


Yeah, i am dropping my cups NOW because of this. Thanks, devs!


I joined the forum just to complain about the raid loot nerf. Here’s my story:
Months ago, I was concerned about cup dropping. They say the range of opponents is +/- 400 cups, to keep it fair, but I found I was fighting teams with 2800 power when I only had 2000 power. I don’t care about winning every single raid, but I want mostly fair fights. The only answer is to drop cups and reroll to get fair fights. At least there was payback, you could get 30-50k to reimburse the re-rolling.
Fast forward to when I have a powerful army, but it needs so much food-- I bet it’s close to 10M to fully level up a 5*-- so it’s better to drop 1k cups, then collect 30-90k food.
The latest update effectively changes the food reward. No big pots of loot. I tried to get my cup score up to be closer to others my power, but no significant increase. And I’m back to where I started, team power 3600 vs everyone else’s team power 4000, or reroll 10x to get a fair fight.


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