Raid revenge blocked

Too co-incidental, so I’m going to ask what is up. Couple things:

  1. 80% of the time I do a revenge raid and lose the person I’m revenging gets online so I can’t do a second revenge. What is up with that?? How do they know to get online? It happens too often for it to be coincidental. Are people constantly looking for when they get attacked or are they alerted somehow? They need to change it so we can REVENGE while they are online. I’m blocked from getting this guy unless I want to wait him out.
  2. Recently something changed to where my raid team gets reset to my Titan team. Before I notice it’s too late and I’m stuck with a ridiculous raiding team. Why and when did this change. My raid team should NEVER change unless I change it.

If notifications are on, you get alerted…


Oh wow…that has to be annoying as crap!! They must get messages constantly! Didn’t know that, but makes sense since this happens to me a LOT!

Still think I should get to revenge when they are online.

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