Raid revenge allowed numerous times?-SOLVED

I don’t know if this is normal or not so I’m posting here. I know you can get revenge when someone raids you. I raided someone 1 time-he got revenge & won. Couple days later that same person got the same revenge on me 2 more times back to back and won again both times. How is he allowed to do revenge 3 times & win all 3 times? When I’ve gotten revenge I was only allowed to do it 1 if I won. But he won all 3 times not to mention he only got trophies which is odd cause I had plenty of food and silver

Everything looks normal to me. He got three attempts at revenge, which is what is supposed to happen. He lost all three, based on the screenshot and your description of events.
That screenshot is showing that you won both of the highlighted revenge fights on it.


If he had won ONCE he couldn’t attack you more, cause he would already have his revenge. As he kept losing, game gave him 2 more chances

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How many can they have? I’ve always gotten 1

When the attack is listed in green, you have won (and he potentially has more revenges). When the attack is listed in RED, you lost, he won, and the revenges stop.

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They get three attempts maximum. Once they win or lose three times they can’t attack again.

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Up to 3 times. In the same way you can “rematch” twice during your raid if your first attack failed.

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Ok awesome wanted to make sure I was understanding how many times. Thanks guys

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FYI @maliciousbuthot, I enjoy multiple revenges from people… especially when they turn out like this (as it did a few moments ago) :wink:

These are not revenges. These are failed raid attempts.

That is true…I was drunk when I posted earlier. :wink:

Thanks for the correction!

We found the enemy were shutdown between raid battle. It made my lost the battle when the battle was not finished.

Me too, but I feel the enemy out raw e.g. 2-3 enemy player attack in hero player turn. Because this game are turn base. Thus ratio attack of player:enemy in one (not combo) is 1:2-3 times in one turn. It made the player always lost in raids.


If they lose the revenge they can retry. Kudos to your defense!!

@zephyr1, another one for a merge I believe :thinking:


Merged. Thanks! :heart_decoration:


Thank you for your fast response. I guess I was just confused by the wording of it. It usually just says enemy’s revenge not revenge then raids. Or maybe I just haven’t haven’t had someone try to revenge 3 times before! Oh, well, thank you for explaining.


Every time I try to revenge in raids I get kicked off the game, it causes me to lose the revenge & i have to reload the game. I stopped playing the game because i keep getting kicked off & twice i have been not allowed to fight in wars. If I can’t keep the game from kicking me off how am i suppose to play? Really need help with this & the game is up to date.

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