Raid results after 1.12

Edit: it has been pointed out that food and iron storage building levels heavily impact rate or return for these resources. As a result, finding out an expected range here is going to give much much more uncertain numbers. Maybe to the point of total irrelevance. Thank you to those who pointed this out :slight_smile:

Wanted to see if you guys could help… I wanted to see what the progression of raid results is throughout trophy counts :slight_smile:

Expected loot for your trophy count per raid:

600: iron: 1000-4000, ham: 2000-6000

1600: 3000-7000 iron?, 7500-12500 ham(?)
2000: 9000-17000 iron, 12-30,000 ham

2500-2600: 14-30,000 ham (?)

Bronze chest:
Silver chest: ~30,000 iron, ~15,000 ham
Diamond: ~150,000 iron, ~130,000 ham

Here’s my silver chest today:

And I’m not gonna post the particular screens, but for enemy trophy count in range 500-800 average ham / iron gain per raid is currently 1000-4000. Have seen outliers from 500-8000 so far.

Thanks :slight_smile:


This is an excellent idea that I’ll happily contribute to (though I’ve filled my chests for today).


@Lexinen posted in another thread that raid results for the 1900-2200ish trophy range were 9000-17000 iron per raid and 12-30,000 for ham, with 4/6 being right around 20,000.

Just opened a chest. I have to say though that I thought that chest loot also depends on player level and/or level of storages?

My average ham gain today has been 10k-40k per raid

That’s a darned fine point. I have no idea :smiley:

If that’s true, then ummmm

runs away

Someone suggested with confidence (@Revelate?) that the quantity of food loot in raid chests is at least partially a function of the level of a player’s food storage buildings. I don’t know the source of that information or how reliable it is.


My storages are about the only things that aren’t maxed out on my base (besides a few houses, 1 forge and my barracks :wink: )

I raid around 1600 cups and i get on average 10k ham and 5k iron. That‘s horrible lol


Revelate IS the source haha. That guy knows his stuff :wink:

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He and I kept a loose track of it when the tiers first came out - and for me, leveling all my food storage buildings from ~15 to ~18 gave a huge increase in raid chest ham and iron. Now that they are 19 and 20 it’s increased even more (diamond tier). Rev noticed the exact same thing. I don’t believe player level has anything to do with it as we were both 40 seeing similar ham iron to people over 50, but I’m less sure about that 2nd part.


@Revelate and @Dante2377 might know what they are talking about. Just maybe

Ok… then… you/others should post more often when people complain about not having enough food:

Edit: on second thought, that may not be the best idea. Then players would have more food, which means players not playing the game the way SG wants it, too fast progress, and SG will the nerf food rewards.


Ohhhhhhh that’s some top tier bitterness :smiley: I like you! Let’s be friends :stuck_out_tongue:


The most recent raid update is absolutely horrible. I’m level 32 with 1800+ trophies and I’m forced to fight players 3-6 ranks higher than me with 1900+ trophies for less than 20k food and about 10k iron. As you can probably guess, I get my ■■■ handed to me almost every battle. If I fight someone at my level or lower, I get half of those resources as a reward. This is utterly pointless, especially when you need hundreds of thousands worth of resources to do anything. Obviously the devs don’t want us to progress in the game, especially when they make Ascension items virtually non-existent. I’ve been playing for close to a year and I’m at the point where I’m just about done. A TOTAL waste of money, time and effort!!

I guess I joined the forum today to vent my frustration (not that it will make a damn bit of difference, SG obviously doesn’t care) and to ask if anyone can recommend another game so I can stop playing this ■■■■!!


Yeah, to firm this up I did eventually get my alt to level 20 storages and then suddenly both of my accounts were getting functionally identical ham values from raid chests and all other rolls incidentally (titans, monster chests, etc. though I didn’t track this as zealously).

Moral of the story, eat your Wheaties aka level your storages… especially these days.


Food storage: 20, 19, 19, 18

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These mission completed images don’t help. Please Someone post picks of what you are expected to get from the opponent.

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The raid wanted chest is one component of raid returns (as discussed above, btw - pay attention). Opponent loot is the other.

Before I started raiding this morning I rerolled 20 times to collect a little sample of the food available from opponents with 2500-2600 trophies (units are thousands, obviously):

14, 34, 14, 17, 16, 15, 15, 41, 17, 12, 23. 12, 51, 17, 16, 12, 18, 27, 15, 22

This is so much better than pre-update it is difficult to express. It’s not the top of the diamond tier, of course, but I can anecdotally report that as I filled my raid chest and earned opponents with more trophies, the available loot did not fall - if anything it seemed to improve. (Caveat - this was just my perception, and perception is unreliable.)


The problem is that for people who can’t raid in that cup range, food and iron are reported as being down. I’m not personally seeing too much change either way in mid to high platinum so far that couldn’t be attributed to random chance, but lower tier people are unhappy.

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The reduction at lower levels is making people unhappy, yes, but the change is deliberate. Previously, cup dropping not only got you easier opponents, it also got you considerably more farming loot. (Like, lots more. Like, waaaaaay more.)

So not only was there no particular incentive to fight in the highest possible possible tier (except for the raid wanted chests), there was an active and very strong incentive to drop cups and fight in a lower tier. All smart, rational players who were not overcome by their own egos did this. (I did not, for obvious reasons.)

Now the main reason to drop cups is gone. Of course players in lower tiers are upset - they just lost a big source of resources. But incentives are finally properly aligned.

Maybe this end could have been achieved in another way - by vastly boosting resources for higher tiers, instead of nerfing them for lower tiers, for example. But there seem to be all sorts of potential pitfalls with that approach - the inflationary impact is the most obvious. This solution is simple, clean and has no obvious potential for warping the game.

Certainly, though, a really radical change like this one should have been communicated in a much better way. Introducing it with no warning, hidden in the update release notes, was not SG’s finest hour.