Raid Reroll/Skip Reward/Loot or Notification

Hello devs,

Would you please consider creating some sort of re-roll rewards or notification?

Like if somebody searches and finds me during raid offence and re-rolls to avoid fighting me, I would receive that 2k food or just simply a notification that he/she re-rolled when seeing me.

This would serve as some sort of feedback on my defense line-up. For example, if I got 20 re-roll notifications overnight versus 15 attacks, no matter how much trophies I lost, I might still feel confident that my defense line-up is sufficiently intimidating.

Right now the only feedback players got is their number of wins and losses, which is kinda skewed because of lower trophies won and higher trophies lost.


This is an interesting idea, but I can see how the notifications could get annoying. Maybe a batch notification only at login. Something like: You had x rerolls attributed to your Stellar defense! Here is your ham, eat up!


‘Here your ham eat up!’ LOL

That’s a cool idea. Some nights I only get raided a few times I’d be curious to know how many people said “nope, Skip” and getting a little reward for it is cool too. There could even be a challenge reward for 1000 rerolls on your defense team.


I honestly reroll until I find someone with 50pts of my own team score. If your team is over 2550 (right now) i will avoid fighting. My main goal is to have a fun 50/50 chance and try get good leveling loot from the chests. I know that someone at 2700 will annihilate me since PVP attacking is unbalanced.

Considering how off the rating system is for heroes, that is really an unwise way to handle things. I’d recommend actually looking at the heroes and the composition of the team rather than the score to determine if you will proceed with the attack.

Maybe play around with teams that exploit weaknesses in the defense. I mean, the offense has all of the advantages. The defense can’t change when it ‘sees’ your offense, but you can certainly change your attack team to tailor it to the defense. Re-rolling is just avoiding one of the best puzzles in the game and that is figuring out how to beat someone’s defense.


I should have mentioned I’m floating around 2400 with 3 4* cards. Basically someone who is 2700ish, they have all 4* or epics and 99% fully leveled. Since our attacks are split if you make a horizontal attack, the amount of damage is based on luck of combos. I have had strategized and defeated higher ranked defense with my lower scores. I have also been annihilated by much lower powered defense teams. I mostly have a problem with how u figure out the science behind the turn counter, and how there supers increase so quickly. If I match myself power score wise, means were almost balanced in atk/def with plenty of variety in deciding strategies. Any other advice on attacking defenses would be highly valued. :slight_smile:

Ok, sometimes the problem for people is that they are just trying to fill the raid box and really don’t want to use a raid flask to do that every time as it is inefficient. It is frustrating to get down to that last raid to fill the box and not be able to get a decent match up, even with multiple rerolls. Here is what I do:

Most people start off their raids by doing revenges first and then going to random raids. What is do is look in my tower and do the raids that will scroll out of the tower as I do my daily raids and then return to my main screen. I then do random raids until I run into one I don’t like (this doesn’t happen anymore. I like them all), then I return to my tower and do another revenge being careful to save the easiest challenge that won’t scroll out of the tower before I am done. This effectively resets the randomizer roll for free costing me absolutely no ham. I keep repeating the process until I am out of flags.

Now it comes down to that last flag and last 5 points to fill your Raid chest. That’s when the final revenge you’ve saved in your tower comes into play. You select a random raid and by now your cups have gotten pretty high. You get a serious match up and decide to pass. So you just wander over to your tower, select the cheese revenge you’ve been saving and (get a horrid board embarrasing yourself against an incredibly underpower…just kidding.) then you complete filling your raid box fairly easily.

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Has there been the suggestion that a player should receive all of the hams from a skipped raid. Since it costs 2,200 hams to skip, why can’t that player receive those hams as a reward for having such a great defensive team that an opponent feels the need to skip you in a raid… that would give a few thousand extra hams per day and also give you some sort of idea of how many people actually pass up your team. I would love this and would love to know how intimidating my defense actually is.

Sometimes people are skipped because they have so little in their tower that it’s not worth it. Not a function of how strong you are.

Well then, it would be a good donation to help them out! Lol

Not against this idea as the hams probly should go somewhere

but It’s not always because your team is intimidating

I reroll teams all the time but there are different reasons and intimidation has never been one

If I’m raiding for cups, i only raid teams i can win a cup amount i think is worth it which actually puts the team above me which would theoretically mean a tougher team

If I’m raiding for resources, i look for heavy watchtowers

If I’m filling chests or testing war teams, i look for specific tanks or colors


@Rigs, yes… I’ve been known to skip raids due to not receiving enough cups to make it worth the while but I would just like to know those hams are going somewhere. I would also like to see how many times my defense is actually being skipped. I know I hover around 2,600 cups so when someone hits me, I lose a ton of cups so it seems to me that I am getting skipped for other reasons because once I dip below 2,550 the hits stop. Whenever I put a cup drop defense up, people go ham (no pun intended)

Yeah,I don’t get it…I understand that we are in a same league,but I am forced to stand alone (with not even 3,5k) against titans like 4k+ power🤔
If only a REROLL option would do sortation properly :partying_face:

Single reason why I don’t like this:

Drop cups to 1000.
Set up normal 5* defense.

Rack in ham from all the rerolls.

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