Raid/Reroll Advice

Hi all, with a team power of 2781, the vast majority of the teams I get in raids far outpower me.

I try to reroll until I get a matchup that is in my league, but that is draining my food quickly and is slow going.

Any advice on this?

Also, how far can I reasonable punch above my weight and still win majority of the time?

You can certainly take down teams of 3500 and 4K tp but maybe not consistently. I’d say team composition is more scary than tp.

What is your average cup level? Are you always trying to keep it as high as possible or just high enough to hit a specific arena level?

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Im at about 1200, trying to stay above that level to win raids for the valor pass. It seems like anytime i get a team north of 3k, I lose.

Maybe its my strategy? Is there anything you can recommend? I have been experimenting with two colors against their tank which seems to help. The problem is when one of these higher level teams 5* goes off, it wrecks my whole team.

One way to help might be to post what heroes you have and which you are using, so people can help see if you can make a better team. Maybe show what heroes you have, and what team you would typically go raiding with.

Here you go, have at it!

Im not typically a reroller. I’ve always treated raids as practice for war, despite the lack of effects. A practical solution is to get other people in your alliance to set up defence teams like those you struggle against so you can practice.


It can be a bit tough until you get your heroes leveled up some more. Boril with counter in the middle can help. Also are you able to limit break Treevil? When you use him fire him to bring D down before firing other hitters.

Don’t forget to use the tower for revenges. When you face a hard opponent, go to the tower and look for a revenge instead. Then after a revenge battle go back to the regular raid, and there will be a new opponent.

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I do place Boril in the middle for that reason. Base raid team is Chao, Colen, Boril, Treevil, Belith). I would love to LB Treevil, but lack the aether to do it at this point. He is the great equalizer though. I often try to feed him early so he can fire. Thats why I am trying to level Rigard as quickly as possible so I dont also have to worry about feeding my healer separately.

Did not know that about the tower/revenge, ill give it a shot!

I was recently raided by a team with a 1587 TP and he beat me, so what am I missing?

You aren’t missing anything. It happens. Save that revenge to use in place of a re-roll.

Are revenges easier to win than raids?

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You can pick which teams you want to revenge. So choose favorable matchups.

I always try to do that, just doesnt seem to work out very well because im usually well outgunned lol

The nature of raids is that you will always eventually (and usually sooner than later) be matched against teams you have essentially no chance of defeating. Short of lots of rerolls, your choices are

  • choose to get obliterated playing offense, maybe racking up the occasional downed hero toward your raid chest, or
  • wait to get obliterated on defense.

Either way, once your cups are clobbered downward enough, you’ll have a better chance to maybe actually win the occasional raid until being once again offered Cagematches of Instantaneous Death.

(The point, presumably, is that raiding constantly shows you all those heroes you could be paying for, but instead who are grinding your face into the dirt.)


Don’t put too much faith in the team power figure. It’s very misleading. The majority of the teams I fight are above my team power but I still win a lot of them. Just try to form an attack team to deal with the team at hand and colour stacking can really even up a preceived mismatch. Experiment a bit, don’t expect to win them all and you may surprise yourself.

Game Well :sunglasses:


Just to elaborate on a point brought up by several folks:

TP isn’t everything.

It also isn’t nothing.

You can (and will have to) overcome TP differences through some combination of

  • color stacking
  • heroes particularly well-suited against certain opponents
  • heroes particularly well-suited to work together (because their abilities mesh well and/or family bonuses)
  • good timing and tactical play
  • luck
  • also, luck

Having said all that…

if you are against heroes who are like yours, but strictly +numbers compared to yours, or +speed compared to yours…

Granted, you try to bring unlike heroes when possible, but if you are at a gross numerical disadvantage, at some point quantity has a quality all its own as well.

It should also be noted that luck matters. You may try something with a defense or offense that, in any one battle or even in a set of battles, just fails even when you made good decisions (or even, more rarely, succeeds when it has no business working).

Never re-roll.

Relish the RNG, think past your first 1-2 moves, understand synergies that can give you a better shot, and have fun. And seek revenge when you get hit but only the ones with plenty of ham and silver.

Yup, thats pretty much how i see it, especially your last paragraph.

It is almost nothing.

Unless you are talking about taking on teams 2K above you - then it does mean that you are doomed.

When raiding you should expect to face teams of 500+TP above you and win fairly regularly. A team that is the same TP as yours or lower than yours you should beat every time as long as you put together a team that works well together - unless you are talking in a rush format, then anything goes and TP counts for even less than everywhere else.

I am playing with a new team with a TP of less than 4K, and beating teams over 5K most of the time. But I know that my team is fragile so I reroll the teams I don’t stand a chance again, namely those with hard hitter(s) at the front. Any taunter, healer, minion summoner, C Kad in at least one tank position is fair game.